How To . After the jump, get roundup of our favorite software Easter eggs. As an added One was the developer credits, where the Bear, along with Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer and Brad Silverberg, present the email aliases of the Windows 3.1 developers. Celebrate 8-bit day Windows 10's Ninja Cat-TRex appears on Microsoft's home page as an 8-bit Easter Egg Works anywhere you can type a command Linux, Mac and Windows. In Windows XP, Telnet client was accessible without any barriers, but of course, re-enabling it is absolutely essential for this to work. 4: There you have it. With the above step, we have now reached the end of the guide on how to watch Star Wars in Windows 10. But in this animation, there is an Easter Egg, as Jen mentioned. Even More Easter Eggs ASCII Star Wars. Swipe up to show the Apps screen. For more Easter eggs, ask Cortana to tell you about various elements of the Halo universe: "Tell me about" Elites, grunts, jackals, brutes, hunters, prometheans, the Librarian, Guilty Spark, and even Hamish Beamish all returns unique Cortana dialoguethough oddly, "Tell me about Sergeant Johnson" doesn't. Still, with this simple command, you can watch an entirely text-based version of Star Wars from the terminal/command line. Easter Egg? Nowadays, adding an easter egg to a Microsoft OS is immediate grounds for termination, so it's highly unlikely you'll ever see another. Windows 10 command line tricks; Windows 10 command line tricks. Windows 10 Tricks And Easter Eggs . - 2.7/10 with 26 votes 1. The reason we went through activating the Telnet client should now be apparent. To enable Telnet, go to Control Panel > Programs > Turn Windows Features on or off, then select Telnet Client check-box and click OK. You do not need to check the Telnet Server box. A drawing of the Microsoft Bear was used as the icon for the SETDEBUG.EXE and JDBGMGR.EXE system files. 2015-10-08 by The Teacher. Find the Windows System folder from the list of apps and tap or click it. You can now execute whatever commands in Windows 10 you'd like to run. By Windows Help, Advice. Once its switched on, you will see a message Windows completed the requested changes. This year Microsoft seem to have taken a bit too seriously. I found some Easter eggs in the Windows command prompt, but they aren't too impressive. 2015-08-08 by TheHacker0007. Right click the Start button and select Programs and Features. Looking through the new Windows 10 Technical Preview and of course I need to check out the new cmd prompt and it's new "experimenta... | 3 replies | Windows 10 releasing a fully functioning DOS client for Windows ... couple Easter eggs: ... Geek on Gadgets. Larry Osterman noted in October 2005 that adding an Easter Egg is grounds for termination. Hi With all the stuff going on right now, I figured we could list any easter eggs found so far. Next, click Turn Windows Features on or off, from the left pane. The odd icon gave credibility to the jdbgmgr.exe virus hoax, which claimed that the files were part of a virus. Windows 98 has a credits screen easter egg. Windows 10. Of course, the goal of this update is to notify you of and promote Windows 10, but I really think that it's more like an Easter Egg than Nagware. Under the Windows System folder, click or tap Command Prompt. Windows 3.1 has two visible easter eggs, both of which reference the Microsoft Bear, which was the mascot of the Windows 3.1 development team. Select Telnet Client check-box and hit OK. After youve telnet enabled, open the command prompt window by right clicking the Start button and select Today were showing you all of the different ways to open the Command Prompt. The update is hidden in the Windows 7/8.1 operating system, much like Easter Eggs of the olden days. You Can Now Watch Star Wars In ASCII On Windows 10: ... type "CMD" and wait until the word "Command Prompt" pops up. Even More Easter Eggs ASCII Star Wars.