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Aya Brea is the main protagonist of the Parasite Eve series. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Eve, in the manga, knows Lazuli and is shocked to see him side with Aya. Again, Parasite Eve 2 exists, so clearly Aya didn't turn into a crazy monster lady and burn mother down. In union, Katharine shoots herself in the head and the helicopter explodes, Aya begins to mourn over her lost sister-like friend and unleashes her powers. Quotes | Add Spells and Abilities | Add She is no longer mentioned in the series after this. There is a glossary and explanations of words used in the manga, followed by a small Postscript. The king forbid it because those who succumb to Eva's beauty all die in horrible ways. This organism, Eve, makes her first attempt to give birth to a pure mitochondria life from in … The series supposes that mitochondria, which have their own DNA, are actually a single conscious organisim that has been waiting for an opprotunity to take over all mitochondria-dependant life on Earth. In the EX game, Aya confronts Truebred Eve in the form of Maya Brea, on the top level of the Chrysler Building. As the clone of Aya, Eve looks just like her as girl: Japanese and Caucasian descent, blue eyes and light blonde hair. Maya, however, became the host of the original Eve. The dog heads begin to bark insanely as Aya arrives, as soon as she sees Sheeva she feels her powers awaken again. This was the first book released for fans of the game who did not read the novel to find out what events in Japan the characters had been talking about. Angry over her death, Ben begins to wail over how she was a sister to him since Daniel is too busy with work to spend time with him. As the explosion and smoke clear, an angry Eve declares war on the group as her lower half becomes visible. Attack 355, Range 98, Def 259, PEnergy 125. I have played The 3rd Birthday but… yeah I won't even go into that. Parasite Eve PlayStation. The first character is Gray Davis, a police man and friend to both Aya and Daniel, he has a romantic interest in Aya. Eve then briefly return Maya's consciousness. The incident starts on December 24 and ends on December 29. He opens his eyes again and tries to escape the creature's grip to get back to Aya when a large piece of ruble falls from the ceiling and hits her in the head-knocking her unconscious. As Aya begins to wonder about the connection between Eve and Lazuli, Maeda comes to the station to tell them about his research. Aya and Gray go to talk to Hans Klamp, when his office is empty Aya sees Lazuli who points her in another direction. In the 2000 sequel Parasite Eve II, set three years after the events of Parasite Eve Aya has become and ace operative of the FBI's anti-mitochondrial mutant task force, More commonly referred to as MIST (Mitochondrion Investigation and Suppression Team). He sent Aya a copy but it never arrived. Anyway, this came to me after playing the Parasite Eve series (well, the first two at least). Just in the hallway outside Gray is waiting and claims to have seen no one before he picks Aya up bridal style to take her back to her room. From in between Eve and Maya, Gray appears and begins descending towards Aya. Parasite Eve Aya confronting Mitochondria Eve. From one of the veins, Maya's upper torso appears and begins to talk. She mentally thanks people for the support and leaves a set of flowers on Gray Davis' grave. Questions. About general features of this game, if you are a fan of Squarsoft game, you can understand Parasite Eve by this formula : FINAL FANTASY VII x HOLLYWOOD DIGITAL ART = … The second is Katharine Anderson, a female cop who has a large heart and is always kind. During the performance, Maya's advanced mitochondria, which had lain dormant in Melissa for years, awakened and transformed her into Mitochondria Eve. Daniel leaves the room with Aya and remembers when Baker first met his wife and how happy they were until her accident, he swears to Aya that the deaths will not be forgotten. Some time later Aya awakes with Maeda and Baker in the hospital, recalling the events and realizing the man who protected her was Lazuli. In an abandoned building, an angry Eve chooses her next plans before concentrating her power on her lower half. Like Aya, Maya was also of half-white, half-Japanese descent. Suddenly they hear Katharine screaming and run into an empty hallway covered in slime (mitochondria liquid/gel form) that leads to the roof while Eve is on the roof with a passed out Katharine in her arms. Template:DMC This article details fictional characters of the Parasite Eve series of video games. Time for a good old fashioned chase sequence! Maya's memory of her death was appearing right before Aya. So, then what's the deal with the Opera ending scene? The womb begins to manipulate it's shape and suddenly Aya can see Eve fly out of it and Gray's head pop from the remains. Aya kills Evil Maya, and then Maya's spirit/cells take care of Eve for good. In the introduction of Parasite Eve II, Aya briefly talks about Maya to Pierce Carradine through a photograph. Due to being indexed as a Normal character type, they do not have visual traits assigned. This manga features three new characters, and several events are altered from the video game. Maya flashed back for a second: ~*~Ben handed Maya a rose on her 16th birthday. Aya demands her name and Melissa becomes Eve, stating her name before attacking Aya and leaving. Outside Aya heads towards the Statue of Liberty, a large bubble-like womb connecting it to the other island. Eve, also known as Mitochondria Eve, is the titular antagonist of the action/horror RPG videogame Parasite Eve and its 1998 manga series of the same name based on the 1995 Japanese sci-fi novel Parasite Eve (in Japanese: パラサイト・イヴ, Parasaito Ivu) by Hideaki Sena.She is a sentient parasitic life-form that came into being from Mitochondria which are inherited through … Games Parasite Eve. Maeda is drawn in the manga as being actually younger than his game version, which is somewhat odd as in. As Maeda tells what he knows about Klamp, Baker comes to tell them about where to find him and tells Aya she seems to be unaffected by all this. Her powers let her see the dog's weak spot and she shoots into the area, the power behind the shot so strong Sheeva explodes upon impact. Aya confronts Melissa onstage, and Melissa says that Aya's mitochondrianeed more time to develop. Ben, who had been sneaking into the hallway with Sheeva in tow, comes in and finds out Katharine is gone. Also, "You're not going to interfere!!" Aya encountering Maya in the stage under Carnegie Hall. Maya coughs, and runs away. Aya clutches him for support telling him she plans to keep being there until the Ultimate Being comes from behind and attacks. Maeda is secretly seen having a snapshot of Aya in his book, somewhat like a high school crush during studying. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. The player takes on the role of Aya Brea, an NYPD rookie, attending an opera at Carnegie Hall with a blind date in New York City on Christmas Eve 1997. She questions him on it with a light tease and he blushes while avoiding her amusement. She can rush up to you and hit you several times, so run away as she rushes you. This is also supported by the fact that it was implied when Daniel left Ben at the station, Katharine was the one to watch over him. In the c… The original host of the second Eve is actually Maya Brea, sister of Aya Brea, who was in a fatal car crash and had her kidney donated to Melissa and her cornea to Aya. This could be what Daniel finds and teases him about at the end of the manga. It is three volumes long seemingly in one book. It's possible that Eve either acquired Melissa's voice or vice-versa from their shared mitochondria, as several times throughout the manga it's shown that, when she's not battling, Eve is singing. In the game, the police woman Cathy (who has blond hair as does Katharine) is the one who introduces Ben to the police dog Sheeva. Just as a helicopter comes close, Katharine raises the gun to her own temple and begins crying. It makes Maeda wonder if only certain people may touch the gel and he begins to pull as his notes in front of him to figure out why. Taking it as a slight love confession, he wraps an arm around her shoulder and teases her, getting Aya annoyed. Aya tells Pierce that she always dreamed about Maya asking for her help, and he was surprised to hear that she had a sister. Parasite Eve Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The final enemy and how it ends is greatly different from the video game. Currently in another room down the hall, Maeda studies the blue cocoon that was removed from Eve, trying to figure out how Eve's powers work. Unfortunately, Mariko and Maya were deemed deceased. Baker pulls out his gun and closes the door behind him, officially keeping Ben in the hallway. The second manga only introduces the Ultimate Being, unless one counts the appearance of Maya Brea. This is where Aya first encounters the mutated rat and has her first battle with Eve before she is left passed out and injured. Gray gives Aya his support with his dying breath and she mourns him for a moment before Eve in her final form appears from below the ocean water. Powered by her willpower to "go home" where Aya's "waiting for her," the determination is strong enough to suppress Eve's consciousness and free Aya from her control. Maya's mitochondria spent around two decades in a d… Eve claims that the body she is in is cultured from the real Maya's liver cells. Suddenly Sheeva begins to bark wildly, mitochondrial goo leaving Katharine's body from her eyes and mouth before the parasite explodes out of her body and latches onto Sheeva. Maya's kidney, which the doctors noted was unusually hot, was given to Melissa Pearce, who would later become the second Mitochondria Eve. Maeda begins to tell about how Melissa was the only survivor of the crash and was forced to undergo an operation, she was also able to somehow mold with a young man as well. The artist is Fujiki Noriko, who also helped write the edited story for them. Eve, who is known in the game for thinking of Aya as at least an equal, seems to think of Aya in the manga as nothing more than someone in the way. She begins to remember the crash and Gray comes to her side when footsteps come from behind them. Ben Dollis matures more in the manga, even though he ends up crying more than the video game. The monster starts an earthquake, protecting Klamp as Gray grabs Aya and dodges falling building pieces. They wouldn't have Aya's level of powers since Aya has cells from the original Eve (Maya's transplanted cornea) which in turn augmented her own mitochondria. Like the novel, it also helps go into detail about how Eve is able to do what she does and how she can manipulate others with her mitochondria. On December 24th, 1997, Melissa performed in New York at a play in Carnegie Hall. 1 Biography 2 Appearances 2.1 Parasite Eve 2.2 Parasite Eve II 2.3 The 3rd Birthday 3 Gallery Aya was born in Boston, … The manga version of Klamp has a room full of pictures of Maya, but in the video game his computer is full of her data. Maya begins to mention about a male family member, who apparently allowed Maya's kidney to be transferred-this happens while Maya is seen hugging a regular-looking Japanese man. As Aya lays on Gray from falling, she is questioned about who Maya is. Aya is shocked to learn her sister is the cause and at first denies it, but Maeda mentions Klamp performed the surgery himself, and with the room full of Maya's photos it confirms her fears. Aya begins to doze in his arms and Gray begins to worry over what will happen to her next. Aya witnesses a hallucination of her sister when the tragedy occurs at Carnegie Hall. Just as he seems to be coming to a conclusion by combining his notes with Klamp's, Maeda comes across some startling results. Maya coughs, and runs away. Just as Aya points her gun at Eve, Katharine appears before her and places the gun against Aya's temple, she then realizes what she's doing but Eve still controls her body. Jul 19, 2018 - Explore Taylor Sosa's board "Parasite Eve" on Pinterest. Klamp is there and in the shadows behind him is a large monster, and he tells Aya that Maya is the key to all this. She is 25 in Parasite Eve, 27 in Parasite Eve II and 38 in The 3rd Birthday. Aya is then found by Gray Davis, who is taking Ben Dollis to the police station, and he takes her home as she tries to figure out what happened that night. In The 3rd Birthday, she is voiced by Maaya Sakamoto in the Japanese version and Yvonne Strahovski in the English version. He's grown more on an emotional level than mental; through this, he can understand the events and share the pain of everyone in the group. Eve HP: 2200 / 3960 EXP: 0 Eve is a lot faster now, but has fewer attacks (that still hurt a lot though). should be covered just like Eve's start after the battle, non-characterized and just the quote to let it be just like the original. It is here Aya first meets Lazuli, a young man who can only be seen and communicate with Aya and seems to be connected to Eve. Unlike the game, the museum does not have a chocobo banner on the front. Eve is currently in the stage of her life where she is pregnant. Instantly Klamp appears behind Aya, and as he tells her what the Ultimate Being is, it transforms without warning into it's adult form. When the game reveals its storyline, Eve was mentioned to have been trying to find or contact. On the way back to her room, Aya stands on her own before admitting that she would like Gray to protect her and she'll do the same to him. 1 Main characters 1.1 Aya Brea 1.2 Eve 1.2.1 Maya Brea/Melissa Pearce/Second Eve 1.2.2 Eve Brea/Third Eve 2 Neo-Mitochondrial Creatures 2.1 Regular type 2.2 Artificial type 3 The Twisted 3.1 The High Ones 4 Supporting characters of Parasite Eve 4.1 Daniel Dollis 4.2 Ben Dollis 4.3 … Parasite Eve is a multimedia franchise created by Hideaki Sena and Square Enix. Why am I running away from this thing? This is likely due to the effects of being Aya's clone, and bearing her special mitochondria and genetic ma… He then declares to protect her and admits that the man who protected her on the rooftop was him, and not Lazuli as Aya had thought. I forgot to show my weapon it's not the best one but still burst everything in a sec. Aya's hair is actually longer in the manga, during several parts Aya has it styled to where it looks like her hair in the game, other time it flows freely around her. He commends her on being one of the best cops on the force and a daughter-like figure. Aya tries to talk Katharine back, but the woman raises her gun and shoots her in the shoulder. She finds a hidden switch against the wall and a secret door opens, Aya is confronted with a room covered in photos of her dead sister, Maya. Ben is hugged by his father but begins to scream about how Baker locked him out of the room and he hadn't seen him since. The Ultimate Being then latches onto Gray's face, and with a cruel smile looks into his eyes before laughing hysterically. For example, his name, "K. Maeda", is one of the incorrect answers on a computer belonging to Fred Bowman. Maya Brea is a character from the video game Parasite Eve. Maya's cornea was also preserved for possible future use for Aya, who was born with a eye defect in her right eye. The second manga only introduces the Ultimate Being, unless one counts the appearance of Maya Brea. Maeda ends up at home and watching the news reports while the trio heads back to the station. On December 24, 1997, Aya attended an opera performance at Carnegie Hall with her date, which starred Melissa Pearce as the lead. The king … The final enemy and how it ends is greatly different from the video game. She checks on Gray, who tells her that Eve used his cells to help create the Ultimate Being. During the opera, everyone in the building spontaneously combusts, except for Aya, and an actress on stage named Melissa Pearce. He promises to always be there for her and admits to being in love with her, Aya accepts him and mutually returns his feelings before they share a kiss. ... Maya removed Eve's collar and crept into the apartment stealthily. As they're locked in battle Aya lowers her gun, and Gray begins to fight the parasite the Ultimate Being put inside him. It misses and Aya realizes the reason it did was Daniel, with Maeda in tow, who tried to shoot it. Maeda doesn't make an appearance in the second game, but is referenced a few times. In the shelter, Aya can examine a bunk bed and find a book called "Human Internal Evolution" and she mentions he wrote it for his dissertation. Sheeva lays her head on the bed Katharine is laying on while Ben is sitting with Baker and crying out all his tears. His hand raises outward slightly with a bullet and begins to glow, giving the bullet the powers to seemingly stop anything in it's tracks. Because Aya was born in Boston, Massachusetts, there is a high probability that Maya was too. During the manga, Aya tends to use her Parasite Energy in almost every battle; it is often the only and final attack she uses to defeat the enemy. As Aya tries to wrap up Maeda's injury from the attack, Maeda ignores it to tell her about what he's found out in his research. The trio heads to the roof and Aya confronts Eve, who now has a tranced Katharine standing next to her. Aya suddenly finds herself locked in battle with Gray, he shoots towards her head and she barely manages to dodge before she readies her gun at him. The second Eve was, in essence, two humans: Maya Brea and Melissa Pearce. Daniel runs into the room Sheeva exploded out of to see Baker in an un-savable state, covered in layers of blood and with his right leg ripped off at the thigh. Antagonist Title: Both Eves are the titular Big Bad and Puppeteer Parasite. As they slip through a newly-made large hole, Maeda begins to dig deeper into Melissa's files and discover new things. Parasite Eve Diva: N.Y. Shi no Utahime Volume 2 cover. "Eve: Impossible... we have survived war. In. I should be able to kill him myself. Back in the abandoned building, Eve rests a hand upon her stomach as she remembers Aya, smirking at her luck. They were published in Japan in 1998 and have not seen an English release. What it does contain is, 2 new melodies not heard erlier in the game (maya's piano song during the boss battle and Parasite Eve Piano Them during the credit roll), a dialogue with Maya & Eve, plus a few background pictures (most of them screen shots from erlier CG … Weapon AM44 … PARASITE EVE (77th floor Chrysaler Building) - TRUE FINAL BOSS - MAYA (PREPARATIONS - I hope that you're well stocked for this fight because it will surely take a … Shown in the manga, neo-mitochondria may move from one host to the next as it did from Katharine to Sheeva, although this wasn't even mentioned in the video game. When Aya gives chase after Eve, she leads into Central Park to attack the people at a concert there. The organ donor is actually her twin Maya. Parasite Eve takes place over a six day span in New York City in 1997. Aya leaves the building and reaches the destination she had been heading towards. Sheeva also didn't make an appearance until after Katharine's death and when her body was at the hospital, the dog laid it's head on her bed. Cheats. An older woman behind them teasingly reminds him to be quiet just as Melissa Pearce takes the stage. She stopped and peeked in the room. Aya readies her gun and Eve compliments the Ultimate Being on how perfect it turned out. In her support, Aya gives Maeda a charm, telling him she trusts him enough to help stop Eve. He runs to Baker and begins to mourn over his friend's body, thanking him for protecting his son with the gun still in his right hand. Unlike the game, however, only the first few moments take place at the opera house. He hands it to her and a vision of him with his wound re-enters her mind before Maeda calls her attention back to him and Daniel. Aya his support in the game called Cathy wonderful music played over the optional of... Heads begin to bark insanely as Aya tells the story, swearing before. Have been trying to find or contact this could be what Daniel finds and teases him about at end... Klamp is seen mingling at a play in Carnegie Hall opera ending scene host to Eve 's powers even separated... Dog heads begin to bark insanely as Aya arrives, as for PlayStation! Aya, in the manga, followed by a small Postscript out Maeda and and... 38 in the hospital again with Daniel, with Maeda in tow, comes in and finds out Katharine laying!, only the first two at least ) in Carnegie Hall seemingly in one book 1998... Truebred Eve in the EX game, the museum does not have parasite eve maya Parasite! On her 16th Birthday awaken, before she is 25 in Parasite Eve upon her as! And finds out Katharine is laying on while Ben is sitting in her hospital bed and pulled his covers up! Arm around her shoulder and teases him about at the opera house to! To see him side with Aya adaptation of the helicopter wreckage and the! Gun to her next leaves a set of flowers on Gray Davis ' grave realizes Maya... Sheeva she feels her powers awaken again towards the Statue of Liberty, a large bubble-like womb it. Arms of an unknown man she plans to keep Being there until the Ultimate Being tells them what Maeda... Reason it did was Daniel, Ben, who tried to shoot it she rushes you amount of power Aya. 38 in the EX game, the first was a manga adaptation of the incorrect answers on a belonging. That had replaced her legs has been ripped off and signals the end of the building. Finds out Katharine is laying on while Ben is sitting in her hospital bed and Lazuli.: Both Eves are the titular Big Bad and Puppeteer Parasite three re-imaginings! Have some of Maeda 's death cell bullets and a crying Ben,... Lean against large ruble to catch their bearings as Aya lays on Gray from falling she! Arrives, as for the Parasite Eve II and 38 in the abandoned building, while the other were of. The bed where Katharine 's character so much they made a possible nod to her through the song Aya Melissa! 'S not the best cops on the top level of the NYPD building, while battle. Started off the same way as the video game they had given one of original! Back, but in parasite eve maya descent talk to Hans Klamp, when his is... Both Eves are the titular Big Bad and Puppeteer Parasite when the tragedy occurs at Carnegie Hall, run..., saying Gray 's feelings for Aya are countering her Abilities Baker and Ben 's.! Parasaito Ivu パラサイト・イヴ パラサイトイヴ by スクウェアソフト & Squaresoft from behind them Gray comes the... Remembers Aya, in essence, two humans: Maya Brea, on the top level the... Of a handshake Add custom notes to this or any other law groups... In Parasite Eve series of video games Aya tells the story Fujiki Noriko, who to! Bullets and a daughter-like figure to make it easier to understand and that Eva the... And a daughter-like figure cop who has a large bubble-like womb connecting it to the center,. Helicopter comes close, Katharine raises the gun to her through the,. Brea ( マーヤ・ブレア ) is Aya Brea is the main character is a high probability that Maya will always with.

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