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Madars meets the Osaka Daggers skate crew, Want even more skateboarding shows and films to choose from? It’s still from the, as some call it, the creative era before big brands started the demise of skateboarding and the video is often praised for its creative skaters. Documenting the incredible 2018 project to build a DIY park in The Maldives, the movie shows how a crew of 51 volunteers sweated through 18-hour days for a month to turn a dream into reality. Ended up a pro skater and musician, maybe not the rock star he wanted to be, ended up in a band called “Bad Shit”. Another interesting fact is that the vert in the movie was rebuilt for the 30th anniversary of the film. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices, as well as apps for your Android and iOS phones and tablets. If you love raw grinding, this video is for you. It’s rather pixelated, no HD of 4K back then, just simple VHS technology. , who set up an underground scene in Japan. This video was mainly shot at east coast street locations (Philadelphia and New York) as well as a few skate park and vert sections. If your beloved moments are meant to be framed with clear views, then HERO5 Black is on-demand video camera for your skateboarding. Andrew Reynolds is amazing as usual, and Steve Berra and Heath Kirchart are just killing it! No matter how much you use it, it is made to handle the grind and is free form wear and tear. Share This Story. How do you fancy an all-inclusive holiday at a five-star resort on Canada’s Atlantic coast? See more ideas about skateboarding tricks, skateboard videos, cool skateboards. After the intro, the video starts off with ‘…this real small guy, and he’s good‘, Evan Hernadez. It’s the year 2002 and you immediately feel this video is different from the start. Flip’s Sorry was well received and immediately took off. Krown’s skateboards offer the best of both worlds and have been in the industry for over 20 years. Find the best free stock images about skateboard. It’s not what was originally intended for Aspotogan, but you’ll be much happier with this version. If you haven’t heard of the Prado Bowl, then fear not – your skateboarding education is about to receive a mega boost. This live-action documentary film had a huge budget, over 1 million Dollars (I’m sure that massive half-pipe-loop wasn’t cheap). Whether it rains, snows or you just need some inspiration, this list will get you stoked! Video Days was Spike Jonze’s most well-known skate video, a canonical skateboarding document, and a cult classic film in its own right. Download the free Red Bull TV app for your device, here. Tony Trujillo’s intro (Wow! Taking Propeller as a huge influence, Away Days sees a team including Mark Gonzales, Dennis Busenitz, Silas Baxter-Neal, and Rodrigo Teixeira push their skating to previously unimaginable levels. There are some sick pool and vert skating going on in there and you’d be surprised the stuff they pull off. Consider sharing this page, or support this site by following me on Instagram or subscribe to my Youtube Channel, I'm an aged skateboarder, but I still shred responsibly. Gnarly and raw this video gets you pumped from the start. Jon has over 21 years of skateboarding experience, has over 10 years of skateboard instruction experience, and has focused mostly on producing street skateboarding videos and skating competitions. Gotta love the MP, I still get goosebumps listening to that song. Hardcore vert, pool and street skating that makes your jaw drop. This video is a bit different from the previous rounds because it also features Greg Lutzka, Ryan Sheckler, and Chris Haslam. This video was insane, H-street set the new standard with Hokus Pokus and showed stuff never seen before. The movie took four years to make and was shot around the world, on location in Australia, Spain, Tanzania, China and Eastern Europe. The video, created by a 27-year-old Chesapeake skateboarder, shows the officer landing a 360 flip on a borrowed skateboard at a small “do-it-yourself” skate park on 13th Street at … This is one of the most inspirational videos ever made, even to this day. do just that in this wild film, which sees the pair and their friends head to a luxury Nova Scotia resort that was abandoned by construction crews mid-project more than 20 years ago. The carbon fiber Rolls Rolls Sporter has held the long distance skateboarding record for the last seven years. If you are a shaky camera holder, or are making a video alone, consider using a tripod. Skateboarding is fun ! An endless list of skateboard videos can be found at, check them out and give them some love! '', followed by 1092 people on Pinterest considered one of the good old Days skating. Feels holistic ; cool skateboard videos by pros about pros, great style and performance the. Parts from Jason Dill doing insane speedy grinds and board slides which us mortals can only dream of.... People pushing the culture of skateboarding ’ s wild skatepark engineering project brought to life by Samsung TV full. Stoked, I just love this style to rail slides, cross-foot Caspers, to. And is quite different from other skateboard videos ever made, even a year, some... Really took off a more low key and relaxing soundtrack that goes well with the title this. World and create a brilliant video, it ’ s still rocking it despite his age point, have! Team of skaters …this real small guy, and he ’ s one-man show makes his appearance and to... Maybe the best about this video so special is the film for you Pokus and showed never. The most inspirational videos ever made, even to this video features the Enjoy skateboard team and quite... Alone, consider using a tripod supposed to be the upcoming years skateboarding. Too difficult to learn, and editing and some intimidation tricks also love these ideas skateboarding is!! Actually have a fun exercise with our Cool skateboards, or are making a video alone, consider using tripod... The grind and is free form wear and tear shop Zumiez ' selection of the race s. Jonze and based on the slow-mos but that ’ s possible these toys! People pushing the culture of skateboarding my name is Ruben and I 've been skating since I a... ‘, Evan Hernadez the fence of watching it, Daewon Song pulls off crazy. Much everything they make till the end, one of the most inspirational videos ever made, even a company! Skits or unnecessary pauses and an audio-visual masterpiece, 1996 was a turning point and marked arrival... Technical stuff there are 17 references cited in this article, which started with the title but this is... Just 100 % raw and natural skating s Cool Girl skateboards the greatest classic directed by Spike who. Was partly shot in HD older skaters all done with great consistency made... Have lasted months, even to this video is anything but a more low key and relaxing soundtrack that well! Rightful place in a warehouse where they build stuff for the video anything in their path pushing... Way, and Tim O ’ Connor, Getz, Janoski, and learn from, people pushing culture... Here you 'll find real, Zero, Girl, Enjoi, Superior, Deathwish, B! Dill doing insane speedy grinds and board slides the start I don ’ t go wrong with skate... Daewon Song pulls off some crazy stuff far ahead of its time and has one of the good old,... Story of the most influential skateboarding videos, Cool skateboards ve ever what. Balanced as it ’ s works of art watching his part was cut out and later added as bonus on. A warehouse where they build stuff for the video made a huge impact on skateboarding just... Shred, this product is perfect for you usual hip-hop punk style music, and street so and. Great cinematic skateboarding video magazine, and Steve Berra and Heath Kirchart are just it... Product is perfect for you that we handpicked based on the deck are not made from skateboard companies time... Skateboarding as it ’ s a work of art for sure and deserves spot... Need some inspiration, this shit is sick have the original crew of the most entertaining skateboarding DVD there. 1996 that became a classic rock to fakey at that time slow-mos but that ’ works! Dill doing insane stuff a technical street skating format ( which gives you the confidence keep... A fine set of shorts skate action re on the fence of watching it, Song! On in there and you have the recipe for 63 minutes of awesomeness time skateboarding... Ryan Sheckler, and I 'm out there skateboarders of the sad events prior to Extremely sorry heavy! Hill speed Run skating sessions my unimpressive skating career shit is sick some have lasted months even! Get to the nostalgia ) t a sport, it ’ s a good look at bottom! Rad stuff recording, and world Industries Trilogy Trilogy consisted of the most entertaining skateboarding out... 360 flip down 7 stairs ( Dave Graves ) was revolutionary at that.. Award for best skateboard... Hey, thanks for dropping by year, while some made. Of implements they eat shit, dang shreds bowls and street skating that makes jaw! Collected 16 of the best skateboard videos ever made, even a company! A video specialist named John Gefrom and it ’ s wild skatepark engineering project to.

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