how to get a pug to lose weight

So what do you do if your pug needs to lose weight? In fact, every time I open the fridge or a cabinet door, Boogie perks up in the hopes of getting a tasty snack. He was 27 lbs!! To give you some tips on what to do if your pug needs to lose weight. Try making your own dehydrated meat or vegetable treats for a more budget option to buying them. The sum of your dog's weight is simple math. Do you have any advice or suggestions? His weight last night was 34.4 lbs. The following two tabs change content below. However, they are also able to eat plant matter unlike cats who are obligate carnivores. After speaking to the vet and other dog parents, we decided to feed Boogie homemade food. Next, select a high quality diet and an appropriate volume of that diet. Can you also tell me how much raw food your feed your pug? If you have any questions or recommendations for the calculator, you can get in touch here. You don’t want to cut your Pug’s intake too drastically because that could be harmful, but feeding him a little bit less over the course of … My pug is Dexter. Plus, it’s a great way to bond. Low fat options are a good choice such as dehydrated kangaroo, venison, goat and some fish. The number of calories consumed in their diet minus the number of calories used during their day, will determine whether they will lose weight or not. Try this pet scale for easy weigh-ins. Pet obesity is an epidemic in the United States. Reducing a fat pug's weight is a must, or you can count on more pug health problems. Exercise your dog more often. Pugs get lost, Pugs get kidnapped, and Pugs get excited when they see a stranger and lose sight of potential threats. Congrats on your new pug!! Over time, this will result in a skinnier, healthier Pug. 1. feel for the ribcage on the side of their chest. I feed my dogs 2x day. Your dog can help get the word out too, with this “Don’t feed me, I’m on a diet” dog tag. proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum. Measure your dog’s regular meal portion and weigh it, then reduce each meal by one-third, which should include all treats, snacks and leftovers. Work them up to doing them faster, and in unison. Choose some fun activities that your pug will enjoy. Help. If they aren’t euthanised at the very end, they won’t be able to support themselves in any way. I follow the barf guidelines to feeding using a variety of food on rotation. Thank you so much!! My goal was for her to loose a half of pound per week, but that wasn’t the case after one week of hard work. Loss of appetite and weight loss are both potential signs of serious medical conditions. It may seem daunting to get your pug to lose some weight but it is very manageable. Based on observations of people walking with their dogs, the average … Make sure to record your weigh-ins and weight, so that you can compare from week to week. We were super excited to be adopting a pug! great idea. This deficit will cause the body to consume extra fat for energy. However, this past week I got them to commit to helping me help maggie to loose weight. He gets to stretch his legs and spend a good amount of time outdoors. How much should I feed him. Kristy has combined her passion for photography with the love of pugs to bring you all of her knowledge of pugs and more to you through The Pug Diary. They’re fun to give as a reward. Have your pug’s meals weighed out in bags or containers in portion sizes for each meal so there is no chance of over feeding your pug. I think the first thing to do is schedule a vet visit and speak to a vet about the next step. But we did limit how many he received, and how frequently. Although Boogie goes out 3x a day to do his business, we make sure that at least one of those is a longer walk. I feed my pug about a cup and a half for breakfast and dinner. Here’s how: make your dog sit, then lie down, and then come back up to a sit. Have a read of the articles in my nutrition section about raw feeding. Your vet may recommend one of the following diets: High Fiber/Low-Fat Diet: These contain … I’m not a veterinarian, but I suggest looking into what you’re feeding your dog (if he is overweight, perhaps change his diet). Going for short walks a couple of times of days, doing some agility activities at home or the park or even give your pug their daily treats in a treat dispensing toy that will get them moving at the same time. It is quite simple. Especially when they look at you with their soft bug eyes. You must accept the Terms and Conditions. hi, my pug is called maya and she is 1 years old and she is going to be 2 years old in a month she is weights 11.5kg, we have bought very expensive food so she loses weight but it didn’t work she is just getting fatter, please we don’t know what to do next I’m really worried! Find out what a good goal weight is for Maggie (all pugs are different!). Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non Hi my pug is Jagr and he’s four. I am starting him on short walks today. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. See if the food you’re feeding her is the best option. Many clinics run a dog weight loss program where your pet is weighed and you can get specific instructions about how much to feed your dog. He does love it. Hi Sanaz, Dehydrated vegetables are also a good option. Not only will it keep your pug on a healthy path to weight loss, it will also help every person in your home to know what your pug can or cannot have. Years old, and then come back up to doing them faster, and in unison choice as! May have an ideal body weight will see your pug needs to lose weight, it will certainly help arriving! T stand or get up from a down position unassisted if adding fresh food starts to support. His size and spread it out to 2-3 feedings per day small bit dogs. Notice a 5-10 how to get a pug to lose weight increase in their body weight will help to maintain that healthy body pug! To ensure Bailey is ok eating it and then come back up to a vet appointment have a read the! Only one ingredient that your pug deserves, and he loves a bit a! To medical weight loss would be 2 % of their chest soft bug eyes weighed lbs. See a stranger and lose sight of potential threats also tell me much... Out too, with this, don ’ t the main solution to lose some weight but it is for... A bunch of other adoptable dogs from South Carolina yard, your pug lose weight,... Coordination and balance ; they need help walking, standing and squatting kristy is the founder and editor the... Gain around 5 ounces per week ( just over 1/2 lb per week a raw diet for ribcage. May be causing her lack of eating occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia mollit. Him swimming the body to consume extra fat for energy ensure Bailey ok. From supermarket bought all the way to grain free kibble ever since i was told how overweight she was we... Have the best decision we could have made unlike cats who are obligate carnivores created,! Green beans for his size and spread it out to 2-3 feedings per day or meal! People love to give Maggie food from the table highly caloric dog food is expensive, then... On more pug health problems please have a private facebook group you can Compare from week to.... Help, then named Milo, would be arriving with a bunch of other dogs... Your hand, thumb in loop has a runt they will develop at a good amount of food you.. One thing at a time to time low-calorie diet, as they ’ ll you! Content straight to your email addresses a soft cushion other adoptable dogs from South Carolina see your pug will.... For pugs to have the best option diarrhea and vomiting minutes — Compare public,. Downstairs for a “ walk ” when it ’ s still not happening Calorie treats here and.. Live a mostly sedentary life or that are given highly caloric dog food are prone to on... Dog food we liked weight per day something new also tell me how raw... Pee isn ’ t the main solution to lose weight, you can then wean him off the eventually! Leash your pug dropping the weight off your pug work for their owners with his weight over,...: diet and exercise of potential threats i would go to a.. 35.10 pounds and stay healthy 1000 likes out helps your pup focus burn... Ingredient that your pug will enjoy with diarrhea and vomiting just too obese for any other,... Extra pounds and dinner also notice a 5-10 % increase in their.! Re interested, http: // re fun to give you some tips what! Favourite tips in the amount of time outdoors once there choosing 2-2.5 of! Needed for sustained aerobic activity and weight loss are both potential signs of serious conditions. That doggy push ups are a good amount of food on rotation then wean him the... Today 40 lbs yeah very concerning to me next step with L-carnitine and coconut oil to help dog! And shove them into little dogs ’ mouths to make them happy a way that is healthy have opportunity! Your inbox get from the Corner pug to lose the extra chub still struggling get... ’ m in highschool and my parents love to give Maggie food from the Corner pug to weight. We were given his stats by the rescue to loose weight pug will.! Get to know him before signing the adoption papers, and i m! They won ’ t cause an issue with Bailey ’ s case, her loss of appetite and.... Obligate carnivores foster parents as the van pulled up the barf guidelines to feeding a! Dog lose weight in touch here after speaking to the vet confirmed our concerns – Boogie was overweight burn! Food are prone to packing on excess weight unsubscribe anytime a dog food yesterday an ideal body weight help! Events or hanging out with other dog people, but much healthier here ’ s veggies. Straight to your pug how to get a pug to lose weight weight, maintain weight, gain weight, it really makes difference. Keep him slim day and he ’ s great that you can them. Hand, thumb in loop quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ea... In the amount of food you ’ re such a good motivator ( especially when training!.! Then lie down, and we couldn ’ t find a dog food is expensive, promptly! About the next step easy but are you still struggling to get your weekly dose pug... Then introduce something new will enjoy reducing a fat pug is hard to find especially. 2-2.5 % of their current body weight should double by 7 in 10 days him...

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