opposite of nostalgia

One of the worst things about growing up is that you realize that many of the things you loved as a child were actually horrible. The man does not come back. March 3, 2011 at 12:01 am. While “modernity” may be misused from time-to-time, it is a useful word in describing the reality that is the present. :D. Answer Save. Synonyms for Nostalgias in Free Thesaurus. Definition: having or feeling no desire. An antonym meaning a pain for the present might be mal du siecle, French for sickness of the present. Visual thesaurus for nostalgic. Sam’s arm, used so often that day to catch his runny nose as he snuffled, is now curled around Dean, hugging him close and keeping him from moving. I'm doing poetry comparisons and I was just wondering what the opposite of Nostalgia was and whether there was a word or phrase used to describe someone looking back with a vengeance and absolutely hating their past and being really resentful of it? same time, though, there is another tendency working in the opposite. The short, general answer would be an anxious or obsessive relationship with the future. Antonyms for nostalgia. Nonetheless, I understood what my friend meant by specifying that the nostalgia he experienced during his reunion was the “good kind,” rather than its opposite. What is the opposite of Nostalgia? Nostalgia is a "pain for the past." What is the opposite of Nostalgia? Synonyms for nostalgia in Free Thesaurus. What is the opposite of Nostalgia? Dean rests on the only bed in the motel room, a pillow rests on his lap, and Sam’s head rests on the pillow. He tries to return the car to his owner's house, but finds… Antonyms for Nostalgias. A carwash employee agrees to keep an eye on a mysterious man's car. The Opposite of Nostalgia. Antonyms for nostalgic Antonyms for (adj) nostalgic. As in having specific appreciation for new or present circumstances, or otherwise not having a desire to revisit the past through media/activities/ect.. WTW for the opposite of Nostalgia? 18 antonyms for Nostalgia (opposite of Nostalgia). Antonyms: undesiring, undesirous. Word of the day. Main entry: nostalgic. 2 Answers. Maybe I’m just feeling particularly old today because my daughter just turned 16. 14 antonyms for Nostalgia (related to prospect). Nostalgia was once thought to be (and still can be) a dysfunctional medical condition. Thank you! It’s considered a bittersweet longing of the past. Posted In: Blog. Definition: unhappy about being away and longing for familiar things or persons. The Opposite of Nostalgia . Maybe I’m just cranky because I need a nap.

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