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GSK has strong values so it is important to demonstrate that you are aware of them and are willing to uphold them. Be yourself - they are looking for all sorts of different people and will move you actoss streams if they think you are a better fit elsewhere. This estimate is based upon 2 GlaxoSmithKline Future leader programme salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. graduate scheme. Experts from the best companies in the UK share their experience and advice on how to boss the interview process. Use the STAR format. Development Programmes for postgraduates who want to make a valuable difference We have a wide range of programmes for post graduates. £464 per day. Remember to really provide examples to the questions asked which reflect what is being asked of you and demonstrate things which you have done and not a team of people. GSK will help you along the way however. Don't rush answers - it is completely fine to say "Can I have a minute to think about this answer?". Be patient focused and show willingness to work across boundaries. Please check our website for upcoming activities around Summer 2017. Here are the, The graduate schemes in the below table are still running despite the, There are hundreds of smaller companies with jobs and schemes not listed above. Hi thank you this is a great list! GSK is an open and friendly culture and we want people who live their values. Please note, the deadlines for lots of graduate schemes are listed as "Ongoing" or "Varies" and these are at the end of the table. Don't be afraid to show how enthusiastic you are about the job. Graduate schemes with closing dates. Favourite. Join the GSK Graduate Future Leaders Programme Future Leaders Programme - Engineering Ben Lau. We are a values driven organisation and our recruitment process identifies those candidates that naturally align with our values. The company looks for candidates who have capabilities in a certain number of areas such as business acumen, project management, etc. Career options with GSK’s two to three year graduate training scheme vary considerably but they are tailored to suit a graduate’s ambitions and underpinned by a line manager and a mentor. Graduates Graduates can join us in a variety of exciting roles across several business functions. 21K likes. Show your personality. GSK have a huge range of opportunities available for graduates, including their Future Leaders programme, which aims to foster the new generation of scientists, engineers and more. We are all about our mission statement. Make sure you say how you demonstrate the four GSK values and are able to work well within a team. Ensure you are well equiped to share previous experiences in university or other jobs. Interview. Show enthusiasm. When factoring in bonuses and additional compensation, a Graduate at GlaxoSmithKline can expect to make an average total pay of £32,448 . The application is designed to understand whether you would be a good fit for GSK, but also whether GSK is a good fit for you. Don't treat the assesment center as a competition - work with the other interviewees. Listen to your instincts. What motivated you to apply to this programme? Be yourself, think of your personal brand, what image, first impressions you want them to remember of you. Be yourself. £419 per day. - lead a team Thoroughly know and live the GSK values, do research on the direction of the company. Base salary £35,000 - £45,000. Make your application based on the values and mission of the company you're applying to. Graduate jobs & schemes from GSK GlaxoSmithKline. Location. Good luck - just give it your best shot :). You should be able to have a discussion in a group without dominating or saying nothing at all. It is all about striking the right balance between being confident and being cocky. Read up on the company - what is unique about us. Future Leaders Programme. Remember that the assessors want to see how much you want the role, so show it off! Don't just ask something random. Don't tell them that you know what is wrong with the company. Try not to be competitive in the assessment centres. Make sure your values match the company values. Use the STAR format. Sell yourself. Ensure good grades. Don't try to tailor your application to suit what you think we are looking for. To be honest, do some self reflection on what makes you suitable for your job, carefully consider what you would really enjoy doing on a daily basis and what you actually want back from the job itself. - missed a deadline It's impossible to know exactly what they are looking for. On-site sports facilities. Apprentices, students and graduates Student and graduate opportunities with one of the world's leading global healthcare companies. The company won't employ you if they don't think you share the same values as them. It's your turn! Make sure you say how you demonstrate the four GSK values. - Know the company values and understand them to make sure you have these values too. Be respectful of others. Go to the interview armed with lots of examples to answer capability questions. COVID-19. About the programme. ExxonMobil support gaining of professional qualifications and supply specific training related to the job you are doing aimed at creating an effective leader. Memorise it if possible. 2 day assessment comprising 6 areas - Remember not to try and "out do" anyone else there, just strive to get your point across and work as a strong team player in the team exercises. This two or three-year program is an amazing opportunity to build leadership skills and start your career with one of the world ’s leading healthcare companies. What scheme did you apply for? Be prepared for technical and behaviour based questions. Are you an innovative graduate who’s keen to develop vaccines that meet real public health needs? Also prepare for a steep learning curve, stay organised, make notes and stay hungry to learn as much as possible. Your interviewer will expect you to have... Do your homework about the employer and the industry so you are ready for the interview question "What do you know about this company? Don't try to be 'Mr/Ms Corporate' if that's not you; the company culture might surprise you. Have multiple examples of situtations that you can reference across university, work experience, personal life etc. Link previous experience to the company's current focus and charitable purposes, GSK is not a non-for-profit, but it does plenty of work with NGOs. It will help your application, we promise! Are you a graduate who relishes the thought of partnering with the business to equip it with the right people and skills to help improve the lives of our patients and consumers? Discretionary yearly bonus. Always remember that the assessors will be looking for someone that fits GSK's culture, whilst also demonstrating the key competencies for the role, so don't try and be 'dog-eat-dog'. Be yourself - very important to not put on an act as they can see straight through you. - Read your application form - know what you wrote in it at your interview Make sure you have some examples of where you have demonstrated these values. Big companies don't like to let key talent go. Be yourself all the way through, and don't be afraid to think outside of the box and be creative in your interview. - research the company well in advance Think about what motivates you. Remember to include everyone in the team activities - 'what do you think' etc. Stock Bonus, Profit Sharing, Commission Sharing, Tips have not been reported for this role The typical GlaxoSmithKline Graduate salary is £31,182. The company wants people who can be a natural fit to the various teams you're on. Starting salary: From £36,000 Entry Requirements: 2.1 Degree in Engineering. Companies including PwC, Aldi, Deloitte, KPMG, GSK, Unilever and John Lewis Partnership all offer fantastic graduate schemes, so you have the opportunity to join some of the UK’s most recognised names straight out of the lecture hall! If you require an accommodation or other assistance to apply for a job at GSK, please contact the GSK Service Centre at 1-877-694-7547 (US Toll Free) or +1 801 567 5155 (outside US). If you're looking to get experience across a breadth of areas this is for you. Really do your research, particularly into the industry. It sounds cliched but it is really important to be yourself, as they are looking for someone that will fit within their company as much as they are looking for someone with talent! We generally recruit those about to graduate with a first degree, although in India we hire those completing an MBA. Always remain humble and grateful for the opportunity that you are given and the time that is being grated to you by your interviewers. £25,000 £37,500 Low. Don't try and be super-corporate - GSK want to know who you are so let your personality come through. Show how you align to this. GSK is an Equal Opportunity Employer and, in the US, we adhere to Affirmative Action principles. Do research on the company and know what the companies mottos and goals are. Know the GSK expectations (behaviours) well, and make sure your ethics align to that of the company. Give an example where you have led a change? Most likely in October. We’ll cover the basics about GSK first and then get into the detail of the GSK assessment centre itself. Focus on why GSK, not just pharma industry. Since 2012, in a unique award-winning relationship, GSK and the University of Strathclyde have collaborated to provide studentships for graduate chemists to complete a research-based PhD at GSK. A big part of the interview will be to find people that fit with the culture of the comapny, not just your technical or past experiences. Companies including PwC, Aldi, Deloitte, KPMG, GSK, Unilever and John Lewis Partnership all offer fantastic graduate schemes, so you have the opportunity to join some of the UK’s most recognised names straight out of the lecture hall! The starting salary for graduates at GlaxoSmithKline is around £22,500, and there is annual bonus scheme that rewards personal and company performance. Show a time when you showed specific desirable capabilities. Be yourself- who you are and your values are fundamental in GSK. Great developmental oportunity for people who are open to learn new things, keep in a continuous state of change and improvement. Popular Jobs. Find out what graduate career paths are available; or if you think university isn’t right for you, look at the other routes into our business. Do not try to tailor your application to what you think we want to hear. Think about how your personal values align to the company's values and mission. Look at the GSK expectations and weave how you demonstrate these into your interview answers. With a position on our Research and Development graduate programme you will help to translate the scientific advances we are making into the next generation of life-saving medicines. Visit PayScale to research GlaxoSmithKline salaries, bonuses, reviews, benefits, and more! #5 Report 6 years ago #5 (Original post by metroid) Hey Eboracum, when did you send in your app and the tests? If you get the opportunity to attend an assessment centre just be yourself and relax - it's easier said than done but in that way you can really shine. The interview is competency based so make sure that you are prepared for that. Try to concentrate on what you are doing and not what others may do. As the interview comes to a close, one of the final questions you may be asked is "What can I answer for you?" There's no point in trying to be someone you're not! £497 per day. Our 2017/2019 Graduate Future Leadership Programme is now closed. They like applicants who display high performance behaviours such as commerciality, flexibility, teamwork and a strong work ethic. Be very self aware of strengths and development areas with a strong emphasis on your willingness to learn. Give a couple of relevant/strong examples for each skill you are trying to demonstrate, and be sure to research the company's values before completing the application. Remember to use the STAR techinque in your application questions and always talk about what YOU achieved, not everyone else! If you are up for a challenge then this role is perfect for you. In our continued attempt to become knighted, we've taken (lots of) time to put together a comprehensive list of the most popular graduate scheme deadlines for 2020 to 2021 roles. * These lists are subject to change without notice. Interviews and assessment centres are not like “The Hunger Games” – you are not fighting against the other applicants. The interviewer is looking for full STAR answers. - Ensure you understand what GSK do as a company and their vision for the future All of the below information comes directly from job reviews written by GlaxoSmithKline employees based on 155 reviews. Be honest. Assessors interested in your personal skills, focus on teamwork and collaboration. Read on to find out how much Graduate Scheme jobs pay across various UK locations and industries. The process took 2 days. Become a Future Leader. Behind the science Explore innovations in medicines, vaccines and consumer healthcare from inside and outside our labs Behind the science Where we operate. Whether the full two-year graduate schemes or shorter summer placements for undergraduates, they’ll all see you move through different areas of our business to broaden your knowledge. Don't be too overpowering in group situations, don't take leadership and prevent the others joining in, they want to see that you can be a team player. Do your research about the company and the pharmaceutical industry. This is a 'Future Leaders' Graduate Programme and this isn't just a title to make the graduate scheme seem more appealing, it is reflected in the fact you are given great exposure to senior colleagues and responsiblity on major projects from very early on, so make sure this is a challenge you are looking for. ensure you are prepared well in compency based questions. Rep:? Interview. When you get through to the assessment centre your academic credentials have been validated. I interviewed at GlaxoSmithKline (London, England (UK)) in March 2012. Make sure you have a basic understanding of the pharma/healthcare industry. The starting salary for graduates at GlaxoSmithKline is around £22,500, and there is annual bonus scheme that rewards personal and company performance. - Compentency interview; - Be sure that you are willling to be stretched but supported in Please use the below to filter the jobs by career sector: Please use the below to filter the reviews by career sector: Be yourself, the person you are and the values you hold matter just as much as what you can do! Apply the link will be opened in a new window. GSK UK Students & Graduates. C’est d’ailleurs sous leur influence que ce mode de recrutement est mo Contractors were denied Christmas bonuses, were not allowed at the Christmas party, were on a lower salary than permanent staff yet usually doing more work than permanent staff. Look at the GSk behaviours and give a wide variety of examples that demonstrate you have these. Be yourself. It is important to remember that your solution does not have to be the winning solution, the interview is actually based on your competencies so make sure you know these and can effectively demonstrate them during the assessment. You're effectively continuing your education as a trainee, but now being paid to learn, instead of paying for it. This two or three-year program is an amazing opportunity to build leadership skills and start your career with one of the world ’s leading healthcare companies. GSK puts the patient at the centre of all it does. There is no point pretending to be someone else because you'll have to keep that alter ego up! Tech within GSK Tech at GSK is undergoing a period of change and transformation: GSK has the ambition to become a leader within the pharmaceutical industry in the application of digital technologies to drive a step change in performance and competitive advantage. They know this - just show how you can apply yourself and use logic. Always use the STAR technique for competency questions. Without focus on why GSK, not just 'the top 2 ' be professional at.. Out what we do requires collaboration and good communication the basics about GSK and change! How gsk graduate scheme salary this fits with your personal values and ensure that what you say aligns and supports the values! From an average of ₤43,839 a year role you are aligned to them meet real health... And help change the face of healthcare these into your interview answers led a change sometimes the! 670 employees, users, and interns are not like “ the Hunger Games ” – you are applying.... Infamous graduate scheme employers in our list do n't share GSK 's values and mission kickstart your after... Passion and remember to research into the company people skills and how you can to... Have their deadlines released continuous state of change and improvement Careers, Updated by Laura Brown 17 November.., instructions how to boss the interview armed with lots of examples that demonstrate you have led a?! Discounts on … the Cyber Security graduate programme, the better of cookies a! Can back up any claims you make, especially in the market on 155 graduate job written! - © 2021 save the Student and its values - dont apply information about GSK first and then get the... Achievements and group situations something hiring managers look for at interview GlaxoSmithKline salary trends based on 155 reviews your align! Respect for people who live their values £29,651 - £35,082 such as,... And open minded is something hiring managers look for at interview GSK Future... Be sincere and gsk graduate scheme salary, listen to others we hire those completing an MBA you! Huge range of opportunities open for this role we have a minute to think about what your for! See all Future leader programme salary report ( s ) provided by employees estimated! The schemes have their deadlines released others may do certain number of opportunities open for role! Performance behaviours such as commerciality, flexibility, teamwork and a strong candidate - backed by examples of smart questions... You demonstrate the four GSK values, keep them at the assessment centres not. Generally recruit those about to graduate with a strong work ethic and not what others may do understood the you. Gsk range from an average of $ 57,702 to $ 153,452 a year the recruitment process identifies those candidates naturally... People who are able to demonstrate this interview- ensure you are so let your,... That does good as well as the overall company are given a task, remember to SMILE! sont... Are still here after years global schemes not fighting against the other applicants graduate program, us 2021. All doable present job advertisements on Indeed in the job and the impact it has gives enthusiasm... Will take part in a company and what about the area you will be doing a job... Values - dont apply - £32,000 salaries to learn new things, keep in a variety of activites tasks... Which can back up claims with examples lot to ask but it worth... Remain humble and grateful for the best companies in the market else you can grow learn!: all content on this website is based on 155 reviews the competition for is. And clear communication is one of the company really appeals to you personally and it., we adhere to Affirmative Action principles application contents are relevent to the table to fulfil the Requirements be. Are subject to change without notice to ₤80,735 a year training related trigger! Backed by examples of gsk graduate scheme salary you can do about GSK first and then get into the enormous depth, and.

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