wagyu bull for sale australia

DOMESTIC $: $33 / Straw - Minimum 20 straw package Inc GST. Contact us for advance notification of future offerings. function hiveware_enkoder(){var i,j,x,y,x= completed and is a SCD AA and to add to that he’s free of all recessives disorders. "3b6e2d3c3d36373f3f406e3c3f2c6a3f3f6d3f3c3c39313c3f2d6d3c3e2c783f3b45693c3f" + NOTES: Possibly one of the most complete and powerful outcross pedigree’s in the Wagyu world outside of Japan today. "gth;i+=6){y+=x.substr(i,3);}for(i=3;i{mv=o;x;9l=un=y/8=5pD7tlecc:sca!cBp9ppC!u@>5)De(xCp! Cows. We're at the forefront of … Sired by the Mayura Itoshigenami Jnr himself out of a Westholme cow in AACFJ0147, who goes back to Yasufuku Jr, Michifuku and Westholme 003. We prefer to speak with potential buyers first, go though the criteria that they are seeking when looking for embryos, and then produce the … all recessives disorders. DOMESTIC $: Qty 1-20 $93.50 per straw incl. The Lisheen Wagyu full blood breeding program was started with an aim to breed a small herd of high quality full blood Wagyu cattle that have both quality in their pedigree, and EBV’s in the top 10% of the breed in Australia. NOTES: P8034 is Sired by Kanadagene DM100 him self out of a ITOSHIGENAMI, MICHIFUKU, ITOHANA 2 cow packed with all the old genetics and the new genomic data testing Contact us for advance notification of future offerings. "tr(i,3);}y=y.substr(j);"; For Sale: 50 Angus Cross, Angus F1, Red Angus, Red Angus Cross, Wagyu Bred Heifers AWA estimates that less than 1% of the pedigree entries, ownership or breeding details in the AWA Herdbook may have errors or which may be misleading. About 20,000 Wagyu F1 feeder steers will be exported live from Australia to Japan this year. Note ¹: Columbia and Uruguay Note ²: Argentina, Brazil and Chile Note ³: Mexico Note 4: Latin America excluding Uruguay We collect all our semen from 100% Japanese Black Wagyu and sell it by the straw. "32333533333332333333303334333633353332333436363334363433323335333333323333" + "x=\"783d223258573c3b783d3f3c5c22793c427d293c3b6a283c3b65643c3b6f433c3e7261" + GST, Qty 51+:$44/straw incl. "36363533363336333636363334333033373332333636363336333333363632333733393337" + Most cattle in Australia are F1’s, mostly Angus Cows x Wagyu bull. We also offer Wagyu bulls, cow and cattle. Cattlesales is Australia's only advertising space solely for cattle. "33343633333433393334333333343632333233303334333833343335333533323334333533" + time. "303b3c40297b3b40792b3b6d3d783c422e63406b68613c3b72413b3b74283f3c69293c393b" + :i>$~\\\\::B\\\"qD%22j

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