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Broly>Jiren in raw power and strength but yet people still have this conversation. Who will win in a fight between Broly and Jiren? Jiren's power was stated to be considerably above that of any ki previously sensed by Vegeta and Kaioshin in EP109, which would include both Fused Zamasu (who put up a much better fight against SSB Vegetto than Broly did against SSB Gogeta) and Beerus (who cut loose against Champa twice, and who full-power LSS Broly was only "maybe" stronger than). WandaVision’s Captain Marvel Character Explained, WandaVision: What Sitcoms Episodes 1 & 2 Are Inspired By, Stunning Moon Knight Art Showcases Oscar Isaac Character’s Duality. Is a completely fanmade assertion not supported by any V-Jump articles and actually contradicts the Daizenshuu. Jiren beat Goku Blue W/ Kaioken and Vegeta Ascended Blue. Anyway, Goku fought Beerus at the beginning of DBS (he didn't even know the Super Saiyan God). Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in … Broly is easily stronger than the likes of Beerus, but he's still not stronger than Jiren. We know much time hasn't passed since the ToP though. Which then leads to a discussion between Beerus and Whis after on whether Beerus goes to earth and kill Broly (kills him before he transforms into his Full power cause the fight hasn't started yet cause of Whis). Sep 11, 2019 #389 I'm surprised this thread has gone this long without any decisive results. That was from the 1995 Shonen Jump Article. The issue has been discussed on the forums of Kanzenshuu in the DBS Broly movie thread concerning the Fusion and it's been made clear that it's at least equal to Potara. The entirety of episode 127 took place in a minute. Broly was only even with about Gogeta SSJ1 which is already more of a match for Jiren. Usually, in Dragon Ball, the next enemy is stronger. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Broly Oozaru is roughly equal to SSB Goku minus the x20 multiplier from Kaio Ken. Dragon Ball Super introduced the Universe 11 champion Jiren and an even more powerful version of Broly. Jiren is absolutely decimated à la carte. 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Il décide alors de se transformer en Blue et tente un assaut sur le meneur de l'Univers 11. And we won't know specifics until the next arc or until they fight Universe 11 again. 2 Dozen > 2 sets of then. But if Jiren loses it and enters Limit Breaker mode, Broly's seconds are numbered. Topic Archived; First; Previous; Page . After seeing the trailer last night, BASE Broly was seemingly fighting on par with SSJ Blue Goku. 0. By Nicholas Raymond Nov 11, 2020 Broly vs Jiren. Now the situation is different, he is much stronger than before (with Blue + Kaioken and MUI). Jiren is absolutely decimated à la carte. Broly, however, reached a point where he was overpowering SSJ Gogeta, which is more impressive. Which is no different from saying dozens of times over. Aug 13, 2020 #32 DivineNero said: Im entertained at the Jiren … The narrative shows even currently Jiren fans need to get over it and move on. MUI is only a few times stronger than these forms at best. Comment. While waiting for Goku and Vegeta to return from practicing their fusion technique, Frieza had to fight Broly for a full hour. The back-to-back events of the Dragon Ball Super anime and Dragon Ball Super: Broly feature film have fans thirsty for *the* big bout that's now staring us all in the face: Broly vs. Jiren! … Both of these characters prove to be powerful, but which one is stronger? Goku and the Z Fighters have faced off against increasingly more powerful opponents, and their biggest … Meskipun awalnya Jigen digambarkan sebagai pelindung di Semesta 11, tetapi Jiren menjadi villain Turnamen Kekuatan setelah ia melancarkan serangan … Coupled with having endless stamina, Broly is more dangerous than ever. I mean Broly was holding his own … We should probably discuss the many outcomes, arguments, reasonings, etc of how this would play out and who’s stronger. 44.14% (64 votes) 64. Jan 13, 2019 #2 Wanted to make this match.Jiren just seemed more … Broly probably would not be able to harm Jiren until he went SSJ. Jiren … MUI is only a few times stronger than these forms at best as MUI wasn't about power, but extremely focused use of what power he did have. Having seen what Broly was capable of, Frieza believed that he could use the naïve and innocent Saiyan to get revenge against Goku and Vegeta. I do not see how, in any way, a boss from a previous arc could stand a chance against a much more powerful character from a future arc when the characters are obviously going to be more powerful than before. The main character is always upgrading for the newest final villian, they never stay the same or choose a weaker character to fight the next villian. Jiren if he goes all out from the beginning, Broly if he jobs like he usually does. This is the only one that matters and is needed tbh. Poll Broly Vs Jiren (245 votes) Jiren 58% . Jiren beat Freiza out of Gold in minutes. Replace Gokū and Vegeta from the new movie with Jiren. 0. Jiren vs. Gokû et Hit. The Broly vs Jiren debate Dragon Ball - General This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. BoiTheBoii. Jiren vs Broly Thread starter Divell; Start date Aug 11, 2020; Prev. 12 Février 2019 à 00:11:48 #44 Dernière édition: 12 Février 2019 à 00:23:13 par tenseur Pour ma part, je pense que Broly SSJL > Jiren 100% car dans un combat, la puissance de Broly augmente rapidement ... et au final il sera devant. Saiyan; Messages: 81; IP archivée; Re : Lequel est le plus fort : Jiren vs Broly. Voir les résultats. Jiren pimp slaps so hard, even Shenron can't save him. It shouldn't have given in the post I responded with I wasn't even talking about Jiren vs Broly, I was countering your point that ToP isn't referenced in the movie, which is blatantly false.

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