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Later that day, while Ryan was speaking to Maude Gordon (Harry's potential foster sister, who had taken the money from the purses) in the attic, Mo followed Tee (who was recording Ryan and Maude's conversation) and sneezed, prompting Ryan to get Maude to turn herself in. Their rivalry started when Nazeer already knew a "magic" trick that Jay was showing the rest of the 'DG', which turned out to be a prank. Jasna (Dolya Gavanski) gives Kazima the results off her age assessment test to prove she is a minor to stay in the UK and her birth year is determined as 1997, meaning she is 18 and will have to be deported. IMDb Page: IMDb page, Subscribe below to receive show updates and related news. Mo later pestered Bailey by asking why he had not yet read his letter, saying that he would be excited to receive one, and eventually sussed out that Bailey was dyslexic, going on to say that his dad was dyslexic and that he had to read letters for him. The Story of Tracey Beaker cast: Where are the dumping ground favourites now Acting alongside Channing Tatum to a fitness guru - we take a look at what the cast are up to now hulldailymail Finn is first fostered by the same family that Harry was fostered by but when things start to go wrong and Harry sends for help, Finn finally escape the foster home and joins the 'Dumping Ground' and makes a quick friendship with Harry and Ryan. In series 4 she has a major storyline in the episode "Troll". She was 16 in series two. Annoyed, she returned to Ashdene Ridge. After finally rounding them up, Mo revealed to the rest of the 'DG' why he had bought them: they were bait for Rocky to perform tricks in a show he was putting on. Jay is not nice to Sid while trying to prove this. However, Mo revealed the plot when he started reading Bailey's story and when Carmen read the story for herself, she wondered how Mo could have known the plot it was Bailey's story. Chloe's brother is Ryan, and they are constantly arguing and fighting. And when May-Li tries to get Jay to take part in the diet to support his brother, he starts feeling threatened by May-Li as he doesn't like anyone else telling him or his brother what to do. The Umblebys receive an email about the sale being put on hold due to the reports of Roman remains on the site, which the young people, Mike and May-Li are delighted about. And that she was sad that her mother was ignoring her after she testified against Kingsley in court, and expressed how she felt about her mum and the way she treated Jody. Taz tells everyone this, making Bec very angry. This is supposedly what changed May-li mind into staying at the 'DG'. Candi-Rose (real name Courtney), portrayed by Carma Hylton,[11] made her first appearance on 3 February 2017 in series 5 of The Dumping Ground during the episode "The Fairytale Princess". Mischief is owned originally by a homeless man who Bailey bumps into; when the man later dies in hospital because of Bailey, his conscience means he becomes Mischief's new owner. But then she left on the street outside his Dad's workplace and drove off without him. Floss told Lily that Carmen said she hated it and gave it to Floss. But Mike did not have any intention of involving the police in the situation, and while Mike was on the phone to the insurance company, May-Li was on the other phone at the same time to a repair company to replace to the broken window, and she was told that it could cost a lot of money. Series 2 Mo explained that he did this to stop the fostering party and prevent Carmen being fostered by the Brantstons, calling them "nasty people". Now You See Me. He was going to tell Mike, but was stopped by Ryan who convinced him to show him first, then was convinced to keep quiet by Ryan on the grounds that the police would implicate him as his fingerprints would be on the purses, as Mo had told Ryan he had touched them a bit. May-Li tells Floss she can live at the 'Dumping Ground'. That causes Faith to call Mo a grass. Mo was taken to hospital and Mike intended for him to be moved into emergency foster care as Mo was clearly not settling down at Elm Tree House. In "Give and Take", Jody's anger seemed to of passed on to Archie, as he was getting extremely angry with everything and everyone. This reopened old wounds for Mike, reminding him how much he loved Fiona, and how sad and heartbroken he was when she dumped him. My thoughts go out to Kay’s family and friends, and the Tracy Beaker & Dumping Ground cast. They came to arrest Bailey to question him about the window incident. Kazima witnesses Sasha knocking down a display so she can speak to her brother, Dexter (Alexander Aze). Edward crashes his drone into Kazima's cake and Edward has to help Kazima bake another one. They both end up fighting over the last sausage, causing drinks and plates to fall off and over the table. Candi-Rose is introduced when she makes friends with Chloe. (That later turned out it wasn't for Ashdene Ridge). Unknown to them, money was planted in Kazima's bag by Maz (Natifa Mai) and Max (Frankie Wilson). He first appeared in "Oh, Mo!" He has been shown to be closest to Joseph, Bailey and Ryan. In "Fake it to Make It", Toni and Billie tried to convince everyone that they were telepathic. Floss Guppy (Sarah Rayson) tells Peter and Janet about the young people's lives and the Umbleby's tell them to leave. Kelly's daughter is born with dwarfism, like Sasha. And that he tends to move around a lot, and called himself as unique and collectable. During their young adult years, they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Peter later reveals that the sale has been brought forward to the following day due to the management of The Dumping Ground. In series 4, Mo has shown an annoyance to younger residents like Joseph. Mo's last appearance was in the Series 4 finale "Two For Joy". Bailey's final appearance was the second episode of Series 5. The young people are devastated when the 'Dumping Ground' is to be knocked down and Charlie works out what will happen to them, but the young people manage to prevent the 'Dumping Ground' being sold and celebrate Christmas. Floss is an incredibly bubbly young girl, with short curly Ginger hair and green eyes. Jay mentioned that he and Bird have been in 10 different homes, and they both moved into the 'Dumping Ground' in the middle of the night. But Sasha realised that she'd rather stay at the 'Dumping Ground', and in the area she was in. Johnny gets his mum out of the house and confronts Keith. On the same day, Mo discovered the purses that had gone missing had been dumped in a bin outside the 'DG'. This was when Bailey confessed to Mike that he killed Mischief's owner. When Carmen thinks about getting it back, she enlists Kazima's help to get it back and they arrange for a plumber to fix the toilet. Joseph is also sensible as in "Rough Justice" everyone thinks Alex has nits but Joseph opposed them to not blame it on him just because he is angry. In the final episode of Series 7 ("The Last Dance"), she re-encountered a girl, Evie, who had previously bullied her. Nazeer, played by Tut Nuyot, lived with his Dad and they enjoyed making electric models together and people thought them as weird like people think Sid as weird at the 'DG'. On a fostering information day, Tyler gets close to a foster parent, Mrs Underwood (Martina Laird) and she is hurt. May-Li feels bad for going to the garden centre without Archie, as she didn't realise how important it was to Archie. Later in the day, however, Mo decided to run a bath and poured the food colouring that he had used on the cupcakes. But she never forgot about Alex, and spent years trying to track Alex down. It had been noted that he saw Bailey Wharton as a brotherly figure, as the two get along well. The Dumping Ground - Series 3: 5. Floss discovers how good he is at scamming in Series 8 Episode 4 and Taz gives Scott a hard time (in episode 7) when she escapes the 'DG' to go into the town centre and use her talent of piano playing to raise money as her Dad is running low on money. On the day of Lily's leaving barbecue, Carmen tricked Mo into thinking that there was gold underneath the potatoes in the vegetable patch, as a way of getting out of her chores. In the 2nd series of The Dumping Ground, after Faith got hit by a car and was temporarily in a wheel chair she became increasedly and negative. They raise enough money for Mischief to have the operation by selling cups of soup in town that Kazima made. Mo decided to declare Tee his "best friend" and wanted to hang around her including sitting next to her at dinner, much to Tee's ire and the amusement of the other 'DG' residents. Him and Jay ater became good friends with Candi-Rose and Chloe. Toni and Billie Trent, both manage to somehow convince Archie that he's ageing backwards, because he told them he remembers being in a wheelchair giving talks to students, as well as knowing a really old song, and then concludes he only has 8 years left of his life until he turns into nothing, and so develops a bucket list including things like to swim with dolphins, learn to swim (again) and see the Queen. They searched the bins only to find the purses were now gone. Mike tried to stop Fiona, as he believed May-Li and knew she'd never resort to violence with any of the kids in her care, but Fiona still told May-Li to pack her things. Jody later confronts Kingsley after finding out that he didn't even try to help save her from the fire, Rosie overhears the conversation and is not impressed with Kingsley's actions and give Jody back Mike carriage clock and confesses everything to Jody. Floss Guppy, portrayed by Sarah Rayson, made her first appearance on 1 February 2013 in series 1 of The Dumping Ground during the episode "The Real Faith Davis". He kept Fred because he felt like they were the same, as they were both unwanted. Frank later informs Kazima that Mike is sorting things for her through children's services. She was successful as they agreed to meet up for a coffee. With the letters R I P on the bench. Series 1 Finn throughout the series have been friends with Floss, Toni and Billie, but still he is series 5 and 6. Jay is shown to be incredibly smart. Denise Jackson, portrayed by Victoria Alcock, made her first appearance on 18 January 2013 in series 1 of The Dumping Ground during the episode "S.O.S.". Bailey runs away to his dad and they go to a football match, however, Jimmy is chucked out of the match by a police officer (Jon Regan). Jody tells the others she needs the presents back as they belong to Kingsley, who has no idea she has got them. This didn't go well with Jody. Series 4 (TDG) After getting the camera to work, Mo filmed the other residents (including Johnny making a "Care Kid Sandwich") which was later seen by the lady making the training video. In Series 8, she reveals to Taz that it's her mother's death anniversary. Archie also told Kazima after asking about her dad and brother, that he has no family at all. Sasha convinces Harry to get to know Lou and Ange. Rebecca "Bec" Hyde, played by Ava Potter, is first introduced in the 18th episode of the 7th series. Candi-Rose was much more enthusiastic than usual as she had never had a trip to the beach before. In Series 8 Episode 10 ("Do the right thing"), Viv departed to go and live with her Uncle Ray again who had by this time changed. dumping ground definition: 1. a place where something that is not wanted is left: 2. a place where something that is not…. Series 4 (TDG) Later, Kazima reunited with her father, Hakim (Richard Pepple) and Kazima's age can be proved by documents. He is shown to be quite aggressive and cocky, with a very short temper, and likes to wind people up, especially Johnny and Mike. In Series 7 Ryan faces a blast from the past when his Mum turns up whilst he is in town with Mike, she then later came to the Dumping Ground where he became angry because she turned up, later on, Ryan took her to their old house and told her that he wasn't the bad person that he was. Kazima gets the results for her age assessment and is informed by Jasna (Dolye Gavanski) that they believe she was born in 1997 and is 18 years old. She starts to think about her Mother and when a little boy in the park questions her 'Where is your Mum, haven't you got one?' May-Li wasn't happy with the amount of carrots Archie bought and wanted them out of the kitchen. So Jay decided to stay and give Ashdene Ridge a chance. Later when Liam came to temporarily stay at the 'DG', Mo's part in the plan to get Faith her work placement back was to sing "Twelve Tiny Hours" (a song Liam had written) with Johnny and Rick, but Mo's singing was so atrocious he decided that he did not want to sing at all. On the day he is due to leave for the Army, Johnny goes to see his mum, but he finds her with a massive bruise on her face. She seemed hard to talk to but it's revealed they know that Bec was both bullied and also treated 'like a skivvy' by her grandmother, who took her in after her Mother died. Jay laughed at the fact Sid was team captain, and said that winning would be a piece of cake. Mo did this with Tee's help, as she had befriended Mo to help him settle in. Archie tries to meditate in the garden, but struggles to do so as insects kept buzzing and flying around him. Sasha and Tyler follow footsteps that follow to the sea, and end up finding her phone on the floor. He has also shown to be quite close with Dexter Bellman. In "Mischief" it is revealed that he has cynophobia (fear of dogs). May-Li reveals that Floss is in care because she was abandoned by her mother in a nail salon, when she was 18 months old; this is why she is so attached to nail varnish. Tee makes amends with the young people and convinces May-Li and Mike to let Sasha stay. In "Trouble in Paradise", Jay and new boy Nazeer did not get along well. A cast read-through began on May 2, 2019. Ryan Reeves, portrayed by Lewis G. Hamilton, made his first appearance on 16 January 2015 in series 3 of The Dumping Ground during the episode Law & Disorder: Part 2. Scott Jenson, played by Louis Payne, was a temperorary care worker introduced in Series 8 but then was made a permanent care worker at Ashdene Ridge by the end of episode 2. In episode 20, Alex uses his talent for cooking to get a job at Lily Kettle's cafe but working there doesn't go quite to plan as Ryan tries to sabotage it, making Alex rub avocado on Ryan's face. May-Li suggests they have a cake baking competition, where the losing team have to wear a pink dress and she comforts Mo (Reece Buttery) when he writes Bailey a story on his behalf for a competition as he may have dyslexia. Frank uses this as a way to get more sponsors for her charity run. By instead of talking about living in care, Carmen told her to tell Jody the story of "Millie and Bob" which were Floss' sock puppets she made. Faith was then heard trashing her room (annoyed about being in a wheelchair), leading to Mo commenting that she would not like his invention (a watering can attached to a pole). When Faith wanted to watch a movie, Mo, Floss and Harry were already watching something, she told them to get lost and Mo told her that she's become really mean, and was going to tell Mike. Later in Series 6B, she also made friends with Bird Wallis after he joined the cast in Series 6A. It was revealed on 7 September 2018 that Gwen will be reprising her role as Billie Trent as well other old residents as they can be seen walking up to the dumping ground in the new trailer. In "The Switch", Billie and her twin sister Toni are adopted by a couple called Dom and Sally Harper. Dexter Bellman, portrayed by Alexander Aze, made his first appearance on 6 October 2015 in series 3 of The Dumping Ground during the episode "Three Days". A community support officer intercepts Sally. Mike and May-Li lecture Kazima and Tee on the situation and all the kids are sent to the fun day. Archie struggled to sell the carrots as no one was interested. Sally gets some ice cream, however, she has no money to pay, so she runs away without paying. Dexter later throws rubbish over the health and safety inspector's (Shameem Ahmed) car in order to be taken into care, but his family are given the support of Social Services. Chloe's best friend is Candi-Rose. In this episode, fearing shes being overlooked especially after Harrys departure, she comes up with an idea which she hopes will put her centerstage but it ends up with her heavily upsetting Finn. Sally takes Tyler and they sneak away from the park. Edward helps Kazima Tako (Akuc Bol), Toni Trent (Nelly Currant) and Billie Trent (Gwen Currant) leave his house when they return a doll and when Archie Able (Jethro Beliba) and Joseph Stubbs (Yousef Naseer) are caught in their garden accused of being intruders, Edward blames Kazima, Toni and Billie. As Dexter used to share a room with Archie, he grows jealous and feels left out when seeing Joseph sharing the room with Archie now. Maz and Max are arrested and the other residents arrive home the same time after Mike is informed of Kazima and Tee disappearing from the fun day. Mike tricks Peter inside and the young people tell him they know he is getting a new house and Peter gives in. In "Dragon Slayer", Toni found a rabbit in the garden and believed it was a re-incarnation of a rabbit she had owned which had been killed by foxes after her dad left open its hutch to punish her. So they make up, and Joseph moves into the same room as Archie. Kazima plans to sleep in the garage, but Carmen finds out and makes up with her. When they arrive at the beach, Mike splits the kids up into teams with various tasks. The next day when Bailey goes into town again, he notices a memorial where Mal sat with his dog. When the 'DG' residents held the "Touch The Telly" challenge, Mo was the only care kid to not pick a side. This unfortunately led to Mo receiving more ire from the Dumping Ground residents, only to be stopped by Tee. After his Mum leaves, Ryan decides to leave the dumping ground and writes a letter to his friends explaining that they should look after Chloe and that he was sorry for everything he ever did. Taz hopes she can go on regular day visits to visit him but she overhears Mike and May-Li talk about whether they should actually let her. He'd either be at work or would just go away for days. He is a very interesting character with little backstory shown. Archie expressed his anger to May-Li saying that "them two (Charlie and Sasha) are totally ruining my zen!". Kazima and Tee attempt to scare Maz and Max out of The Dumping Ground. Series 3 Gradually in the first half of Series 7, she makes friends with Sid. Episode guide, trailer, review, preview, cast list and where to stream it on demand, on catch up and download. Spin-off from the British hit TV series The Story of Tracy Beaker (2002) based on the best-selling novel by Jacqueline Wilson. Frank hasn't been seen or heard of for a while, so Carmen (Amy-Leigh Hickman), Rick (Daniel Pearson), Bailey (Kasey MacKellar) and Tee (Mia McKenna-Bruce) try to track him down. Tee managed to get the truth out of Mo eventually after Mo started to talk at the kitchen table, but then kept quiet. Mischief came home and Bailey became his new owner. In "Experience", Carmen used Floss to sabotage Jody's film documentary she was making to new social workers about kids in care. Find photos of cast from The Dumping Ground! And felt like everyone who just pretends to care just goes. Mike teamed Candi-Rose with Sasha (again, much to Sasha's annoyance as the girls are the complete opposite in personality) to build a sand sculpture. The young people figure out Kazima is doing stuff May-Li likes, realising she wants May-Li to adopt her and the young people overhear May-Li telling Mike she will think about it, but Kazima changes her mind and is told later she can stay. George described Alex as being the Grandson he never had, and they both promised to look out for each other through thick and thin. Welcome to the official The Dumping Ground Wiki, a collaborative encyclopedia for everything and anything related to the all new CBBC original series, The Dumping Ground Today is the 13th of January of 2021 and there are currently 1,279 edits to The Dumping Ground wiki. Bailey went on to win the competition and won tickets for himself and another person to take with him, so he picked Mo, who proceeded to give him a hug. Aileen managed to make something of her life and went from rags to riches. When Kelly hints on about being skint, Sasha tells her that she can't help her anymore. She departed in series 3 during the episode "Dragon Slayer". Maz and Max break into The Dumping Ground and when Kazima checks her bag, she and Tee decide to refuse to hand it back due to the large amount. He prefers to be alone and sometimes aloof yet he is strongly caring and has a strong sense of integrity; he doesn't like opening up or feeling vulnerable, as he opens up his feelings to Finn and Charlie. The Dumping Ground: Series 1. Floss is eleven years old in the seventh series of The Dumping Ground. When Tyler (Miles Butler-Hughton) learns to play a trombone, Kazima helps him and she reveals her dad and brother were kidnapped for making music. Frank witnesses this and when Faith starts to order Frank about, Frank gives her a piece of his mind by telling her that she's not useless and that she's in a wheelchair and she will get better. When Abi is impressed with Bailey, May-Li prevents Bailey receiving the tickets, informing her of what Bailey did. In "Kick Off", Floss and Harry decided to continuously take sweets from Tyler's diet plan bucket, after Bailey said Tyler needed to lose weight. Billie Trent, portrayed by Gwen Currant, made her first appearance on 23 January 2015 in series 3 of The Dumping Ground during the episode Stuck With You. Before Lily's goodbye barbecue started there was a knock at the door, Mo answered it and was alarmed to see two policemen. Episode guide, trailer, review, preview, cast list and where to stream it on demand, on catch up and download. In "Saved By the Bell", when Jody was arguing with Sasha in her bedroom, Jody pushed Sasha out of her room and was extremely angry. He is also best friends with Finn, Archie and Dexter. In "Making Waves", when a new resident (Taz) is due to arrive, Mike and May-Li thought it best for some of the residents to go out for the day so Taz wouldn't be too overwhelmed on her first day. This eventually annoyed Tyler to the point that one day, he took Mo's "treasure" and dumped it over the stairs onto the ground floor, declaring that it was what he had to put up with. Which is quite hypocritical, been as how Mo was when he first arrived at the 'Dumping Ground'. Floss tells all the people at the 'Dumping Ground' that whilst there is a chance her mum might come back, she will wait. Frank and Tyler look into Peter's plans when their archaeological plan flans and realise that Peter and Janet will gain a luxury house for the development. Charlie decides to sell some of her things and Sasha (Annabelle Davis) suggests they make T-shirts to sell, but becomes annoyed with Jody and Finn (Ruben Reuter) helping her. Billie eventually makes up with Toni. Drama series. When Gina, Carmen and Tyler leave, Denise and Kingsley don't want Jody's friends visiting. Joseph and Jody were accused for stealing the money as they have eyewitnesses to prove they are innocent, but Floss perjures them to make them feel guilty. And Kazima was the only person in Ashdene Ridge that liked Alex. You have entered an incorrect email address! Been as when Mike told Tyler to wash the floor, Joseph insisted he would do it, while he was sorting out people's shoes. In the episode "Two Sides to Every Story", it's confirmed that Bird has diabetes. Kazima offers Edward's parents to stay away from him and Edward gets his guitar back. Charlotte "Charlie" Morris (also Lottie Morris), played by Emily Burnett, made her first appearance on 10 November 2017 in series 5 of The Dumping Ground during the episode "Mission Totally Possible". As she didn't want to upset Archie, she just mentioned that it's better for him to do his meditation in the garden, alone. She moved to Denmark with her father and brother. When Johnny shows his mum the photos, Lucy thinks it is drug dealing, but Keith shows him some drug counselling cards he has been handing out. Peter Umbleby, portrayed by Simon Ludders, and Janet Umbleby, played by Alison Pargeter, made their first appearance on 20 January 2017 in series 5 of The Dumping Ground during the episode "Miscreants, Robots and Bullies". Later, Mo offered to build a scarecrow to help scare birds away from Gina's vegetables, which he would build out of his "treasure". Meaning May-Li was in the clear and wouldn't risk losing her job. In the fourth episode of the third season, Bailey has a fight with a homeless man (Mal), and ends up causing him to fall over when trying to get his football back off Mal, but at the time, Bailey thought he pushed him. Kingsley and Denise arrive the following day to collect Jody ans she reluctantly agrees to go back. Tyler goes between his birthday party at The Dumping Ground and his mum's and Tyler snaps when his mum replaces a photo of the young people with one of them both. May-Li helps Archie (Jethro Baliba) when he injures himself and Archie offers to help May-Li do a border in the garden, coming up with plans, and Archie denies to Ryan that he has got May-Li confused as a mum. Find out more about the cast and crew that worked on The Dumping Ground. Tyler is delighted when Sally wants him back and he visits his mum for a meeting with his social worker. Gina arrives and she is furious with Denise for not protecting Jody from Kingsley, as Denise was meant to be the parent. Later that day, Mo found a golden wrapper in the vegetable patch and believed it to be treasure (when really it was from one of Floss's sweets). Whilst out shopping with May-Li, Sasha kicks a display intentionally when she sees her Brother, Dexter (Alexander Aze), shoplifting, she deliberately knocks a display down and Kazima tells May-Li. When Faith later returned from hospital, Mo greeted her saying that they had made her a surprise. In "Sasha Bellman P.I."

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