i need to rehome my rabbit

Find rabbits for adoption in the UK via Pets4Homes - The #1 free pet classifieds site with hundreds of rabbits for adoption in your local area. It is a good idea to bring some of the food that the rabbit is used to having so that the rescue centre can mix it through with the brand that they use. You will also need to pass on any other information you have about your rabbits Bertie is house and toilet trained, loves to play, go on walks... preloved.co.uk . If you have lost it ask your vet for a new copy. I have put them on Preloved. How soon a rabbit becomes an uncaged roommate depends on how bunny-proofed the home is and on the maturity and personality of the rabbit. rabbit and to sign over ownership to the rescue. The Rehoming Rabbit program is my side project, to help rabbits that people just can't take care of anymore, go to a good home. are up to date. Despite their popularity, we’ve seen the number of rabbits in need or rescuing and rehoming shoot up by 40% in 2019. I would also be suitable to live as a house rabbit if Chase and I were the only pets. Plastic carriers are ideal, but if you are using the wire mesh type you may have to put a towel over the top, leaving the ends free. You should also chat with them on the phone, not just by email, this will help you assess Hay, hay and more hay; Safe fruit, veg, herbs and plants; Tasty treats! CottonTails will not be responsible for the animal should the new home fail, nor can we give any guarantee about the animal’s health of personality to a new owner, we simply are providing a platform so the unwanted animal can be viewed, and the rest is down to you, the owner. That combined with having to rehome my bunnies makes me feel like the world's worst pet owner. If the potential adopter refuses to Do not attach a water bottle to the front during the journey! What to do if you find a bunny or need to rehome a rabbit. See our links page for more help and information sources. It may also be helpful to ask your vet for a copy Rehoming your rabbit. If you feel the home is not suitable, make an excuse. He is called biggie ( niece and nephews named him) He is a friendly bun just Needs someone who … Rescue & Rehome. For this you will need a pet carrier of suitable size to accommodate the type and number of rabbits concerned. A donation to CottonTails would be appreciated if the rehoming is successful. Adoption Process . Giant cross indoor rabbit for rehoming. of any notes about your rabbit to pass on to the new owner, this might include details of Rehoming my 3 year old female purebred chinchilla rabbit. I am a bad and selfish person and should have looked at the ammount of work and effort is needed when caring for rabbits. All this information will be very helpful to the rescue centre. The carrier should be enclosed so that the rabbit feels safe but it should allow for plenty of air to circulate to stop the rabbit … Your home environment. Close. Company; Why every rabbit needs a friend; Can guinea pigs live with rabbits? appropriate new owners. A vet check is helpful and making sure vaccinations Read more about it here. That was from us, but was premature as the login was not working at that time. Become a sponsor today. If you have adopted your rabbit from a shelter or rescue or bought it from a breeder, please check your contract on whether or not you are mandated to bring your rabbit back to them in the case you need to rehome it. Hi everyone, I sadly need to rehome my healthy holland lop <1 y/o due to my family circumstances. If you are rehoming your rabbit due to behavioural or aggression problems then please seek advice from your vet/behaviourist as quite often these issues are created because the rabbit is in pain or its accommodation is inadequate. Just make sure you think the decision through thoroughly and check up on where the rabbit is going. Rabbits are far more intelligent than many people give them credit for and they need a big space to call home. As well as advertising your rabbit on Rabbit Rehome you could also put a notice up at your She was never bred, only a pet. This will only result in an empty bottle and a soaking wet rabbit. Rabbits need company and when rehoming, you are likely to find an already bonded pair or trio. You could get lucky and contact us (or another group) just when we get an opening. And they're not alone. He is an 18 month old lemon coloured pedigree beagle. 7 days ago. One of my favourite things to do is to dig holes and I am quite the monster tunneler so I would need a secure garden. vaccinationn dates. Hello my name is Skippy and I am a sweet 4 year old boy.I am a friendly boy but I can be nervous and may run away when you approach me. Give the rescue as much notice as possible if you need to vets. the RSPCA are listed on their site. If the decision has been made that your rabbit is to be found a new home and you have not been able to re-home him or her through family or friends, your first task will be to locate a good rabbit rescue. Animal charities often partner with local vets and rabbits will be neutered and vaccinated before being rehomed. Rabbits for Re-homing at CottonTails – if you have an appointment to bring in an unwanted rabbit, please be aware that our vets thoroughly examine all the rabbits that come in to us, and a small number are sadly found to have significant dental disease. Once we are happy that they are all loved up you can take them both home. Click on the link below to find out our step by step process when it comes to adopting rabbits. For this you will need a pet carrier of suitable size to accommodate the type and number of rabbits concerned. phoning the Rabbit Welfare Association helpline on Tel: 0844 3246090. of your rabbits notes - these will provide your rabbits medical history. INFECTIOUS DISEASES – HOW TO TAKE SENSIBLE PRECAUTIONS, PRE-PURCHASE rabbit basics, before you buy …, CONTACT US: Address, directions, email link and appointments, A HARE IN THE HOUSE – the successful hand-rearing of a Brown Hare, COMPASSION FATIGUE & BURNOUT – the hidden risk. French bull dog cross puppies for sale . He’ll come with his habitat, food/hay, and other supplies. Rehoming my rabbits (19 Posts) Add message | Report. I have to rehome my rabbit... needed to vent to some people that would feel my … Company; Why every rabbit needs a friend; Can guinea pigs live with rabbits? If you are worried about finding a good rescue then you can post on our If you want to get rid of your rabbit because he has behavioural issues then please look into other options first, he probably just needs neutering, handling differently, or just a little TLC. Politely tell the caller that your rabbit doesn’t do well with children, isn’t used to hutch-living, is scared of dogs, or whatever. 2 hours ago. It can take several weeks to several months to place your rabbit … Politely tell the caller that your rabbit doesn't do well with children, isn't used to hutch-living, is scared of dogs, or whatever. rehome your rabbit by a specific date. Before you rehome a rabbit, look in to what size of accommodation you should purchase for it. Bonding rabbits can be a tricky business so the process is supervised by a member of the small animals team. checking they are suitable. If you are interested in rehoming please have a look at the minimum housing requirements on the main small animals rehoming page. If you need to re-home your rabbit, Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group can help you by creating a flyer that you and we will use to network. Found a bunny online (Craigslist, Facebook, social media, etc.)? Bunnies have brains that require stimulation. £1,500 . I won't leave them with a stranger but I know a rabbitor will be good, so it's like an acquaintance I guess. Before you get a rabbit; What do I need to know? Should I rehome my dog and buy a rabbit or bird?" I need to rehome my pet Buying a pet rabbit is a long term commitment - they can live 10+ years. For this you will need a pet carrier of suitable size to accommodate the type and number of rabbits concerned. A company limited by guarantee. If your rabbit 3. We have had people report issues with trying to donate when using Internet Explorer and are working with PayPal directly to resolve this. Rehome or Sale? I have to rehome my rabbit... needed to vent to some people that would feel my pain. Ask your friends and family if any of them can provide a home for your pet. Write down all the relevant details of the rabbit, such as age, name, vaccination history, neutering status, any special needs, and whether he/she is used to fresh vegetables. Adopting a rabbit doesn't need to be a stressful or difficult process. Read our rehoming blog June 24, 2020 23:44; Updated; Unfortunately, Rehome is unable to let owners add pets other than cats and dogs right now. Rehoming. I need to rehome ASAP. Most people who advertise free rabbits just can't take care of their bunnies any more, and sometimes they need to have them go to a new home fast, and just don't have the time to find them a good home! I'm pregnant and it's getting harder and harder to get up and down the hill to care for her. If the journey is a long one or the weather is hot, stop during the journey and offer water to the rabbit, taking the bottle away again before you move off. 2013 ~ 2020 Copyright © Cottontails Rescue – All rights reserved, Peter (a female) and Sonic (male) are neutered, 3.5 years…, Until the current Coronovirus situation resolves and the veterinary services…, ADOPTION CRITERIA, fees, and REHOMING INFORMATION, RABBIT CARE – everything you need to know, RABBITS AND FEAR RESPONSE – understanding why and what can be done to help them, GUT STASIS in Rabbits – what it is and what can be done about it. If possible visit the person taking on your rabbit, if you are otherwise happy with them A good rabbit rescue should neuter and vaccinate all their rabbits and should have appropriate home checking procedures in place to ensure the new home is going to be a caring, knowledgeable and permanent one. Save costs: a rescue bunny could save you money on vet bills. Present a realistic picture of what rabbits are like (see the enclosed brochure.) As long as you are able to take of them like Sarita says, than I believe that re-homeing your bun isn’t necessary. this could be a final check as you drop the rabbit off. chances of being rehome and prevent the new owner using it for irresponsible breeding. Hello, my name is Cesar and I am a handsome 1 year old boy looking for my forever home. Explain that you are asking questions because you want the new owner and the rabbit to be happy. However, check that the hay is clear of any knots or very long strands, as an active anxious rabbit can end up getting a solid twist of hay stuck securely to its back foot to the extent that it can cut off the circulation or actually cut into the flesh – this may sound far fetched but this actually happened to a rabbit that was brought in here to CottonTails, and the rabbit had a cut on its foot as a result but luckily the journey was less than an hour so no further damage was done. You can find local centres in your telephone directory, on our rescue list or by Rabbit lovers can then search for rabbits to adopt. Due to coronavirus restrictions, CottonTails is not taking any new animals for the foreseeable future. 28 days ago. Explain that you are asking questions because you want the new owner and the rabbit to be happy. I was brought into the centre as my owner had a change in circumstances.I am a shy boy who when approached sometimes runs away and hides. Are you aware of the costs involved (vaccinations, vet care, food, bedding). Do you have a rabbit that needs to find a new home, or know of a rabbit that is neglected, abandoned or stray? Whilst waiting to meet you, your new family member is getting all the care they need in one of our animal centres. OUR SERVICES. We want to help you and your rabbit. Single male guinea pigs are neutered and matched with females, and all other guinea pigs are re-homed in pairs or as match-ups for lonely other guinea pigs. Or if you are in the State College PA area and want two bunnies, let me know I guess. Make sure the carrier is secured so that it does not slide about, and give some thought to the position in the car, especially in warm weather to prevent the rabbit from overheating. We give space priority to Bunny Buddies adoptions who must come back into our foster care and … This advert is located in and around London. Blue Cross is a registered charity in England and Wales (224392) and in Scotland (SC040154). Ultimately it is your decision whether you feel your rabbit is better off with you or whether another home would provide a better quality of life. Give the rescue as much notice as possible if you need to rehome your rabbit by a specific date. turn up with it. If you spend time online, you will find many rabbits for sale or given away through online markets such as Craigslist or through social media. Is with sadness I need to rehome Bertie. I’m worried my pet will outlive me Many people worry about what will happen if their pets outlive them. I guess I'm just looking for support, sorry for the wall of text. Although you will need to carry on providing regular vaccinations for your bunny via your vet. Many rescues neuter, vaccinate and Do not just You may be able to borrow one if you don’t own one already. If you need help capturing a stray rabbit, visit the following articles Rescuing A Stray Rabbit and How to Conduct a Stray Roundup. Rescues are often full and you may need to go on a waiting list before there is space for your rabbit. Here are some suggestions for how to find other pets a new home: 1. So are alligators. The new owner should be aware of the needs of rabbits, the cost of caring for them and have Any pet should be a life-long commitment, and there are very few situations that cannot be worked with to keep a pet by your side. Otherwise, all the rabbits that are brought to us are neutered, vaccinated, matched into pairs (if not already matched), and are found suitable new homes. The cute faces, floppy ears and fluffy tails have helped to cement rabbits as one of the country’s best-loved pets. If you feel the home is not suitable, make an excuse. I can't cope with the mess anymore. This helps to prevent digestive upset as the rabbit will be stressed enough with the move, never mind totally changing the diet as well! So are snails. You may be able to borrow one if you don’t own one already. We want to hear your opinion! We do the same thing you do with our adoptable rabbits. or Contact a rescue please read: Is rehoming the right option? If anyone is in Maryland, please PM me. Sadly, not all rescues are of high standard, and it is important to find this out to prevent your rabbit being exploited or ill-treated. Safety Notice from Pets4Homes - NEVER send money for a deposit or pay for a pet online, unless using our Safe Deposit Service. • "I don't want to disobey and insult my religion for a dog. behaviour problems, or other special needs. With a heavy heart I have to rehome my sisters beloved rabbit. Good luck placing your rabbit. Report. Ask your vet to print you a copy No one else in my house will do it. The carrier should be enclosed so that the rabbit feels safe but it should allow for plenty of air to circulate to stop the rabbit becoming too hot. Our french bulldog had a litter of 3 beautiful pups 5 weeks ago. Rabbits are going to be neutered (if not already) and kept with the company of another friendly, neutered rabbit (If you have 2 rabbits living together happily DO NOT split them up to rehome them) They are going to have spacious accommodation – ie a 6ft hutch and access to a safe exercise area every day. The Rehoming Rabbit program is my side project, to help rabbits that people just can't take care of anymore, go to a good home. Jump to: navigation, search. So are caterpillars. Line the carrier with newspaper or a towel, and place hay on top so the rabbit has the choice to nibble during the journey. We are here to support. How much does it cost to keep a rabbit? Due to my mini lop trying to mate with my female rabbit i need to rehome him as i don’t want them breeding, can send more pictures of him x. Favourite this Advert. is vaccinated then you should have a vaccination card with the dates of vaccination. She keeps attacking my husband, she won't let either of us pick her up anymore without becoming very aggressive. sure you rabbit is in good condition. If you need advice about or to return a Blue Cross horse/pony you have rehomed, then please contact your Horse Welfare Coordinator. For example, rabbits teeth continually grow and often need trimming if they are not fed the appropriate diet. 2. The donation could be in the form of a sack of food (make sure you buy the brand that they recommend), or a large carrier bag of fresh vegetables. You need to be completely truthful about all aspects of this, it is really important as success in the new home depends on it. Hi, dont know if there is any local rescues or anything or if anyone on here is willing to rehome my rabbits for me? The more involved the owner is, the more freedom the rabbit will be given. Should I get a pet rabbit for my child? However, I can list them on the website for you and see if a suitable new home comes forward. You’re obviously trying to do the right thing. Rabbit info. If this affects you, please use the contact us form to get in touch and arrange your donation instead. I'm not sure where her papers are, but I have the breeder's contact info. Present a realistic picture of what rabbits are like (see the enclosed brochure.) Local branches of Should I get a pet rabbit for my child? We have plenty of hungry mouths to feed and you can help. On the basis that you have managed to find a good rescue centre to accept your bunny (not necessarily guaranteed depending on the time of year and how full up they are already), you then need to make arrangements to transport the rabbit safely and with the minimum of stress. Click here to check... Before you rehome your rabbit, whether privately or through a rescue, you should make If you feel there’s no one you can ask to take on your companion, our Pets Into Care Scheme might be for you. DENTAL DISEASE IN RABBITS – what is it all about and why is it so important? After all, this is the least you can do for your bunny who has likely done nothing wrong but to just be a rabbit! Before you get a rabbit; What do I need to know? I am still getting used to being here but once I get to know you, I do not mind a gentle stroke. Diet; What do rabbits eat? £75 ONO For Sale Lola and Grey need a new special place. How much does it cost to keep a rabbit? So are birds. millimurphy Sun 14-Apr-13 06:29:48. You are best not to use wood shavings in the carrier as it can get into the eyes during a journey so it is advisable best to avoid using this whilst travelling. Before you advertise your rabbit on Rabbit Rehome Animal rescue centres are always struggling to keep going financially, so it is only fair to give a donation towards the costs involved when you hand over your pet. You will need to provide the new owner or rescue with information about your rabbit to We are not organising 'adoptions online' you will need to contact the rescue centre to find out about their homing policy. This service costs £30, please ask a member of the suitable accommodation for them to live in. Sadly, rabbits are also badly misunderstood by many people. Rehome Reason for Rehome / Sale Not enough time Sale Amount Free Location S26 Wales Bar Has the Pet been in Rescue Previously? - Select type of pet - Dogs Cats Rabbits Pet birds Horses and ponies … To do this I would need the following information: Once I have the information I will then add the details of the rabbit or guinea pig to the website, omitting your personal details, and I would pass on the details of any potentially suitable new home directly to you and you would take it from there. I'm having the same problem with my rabbit, also female and am trying to rehome her at the moment. I am not used to being handled, my fur is so long it may have been a little uncomfortable for me to be stroked as it can get quite knotted. Another House Rabbit Society criteria is that an adult, not a child, be the rabbit’s primary care-giver. Welcome to Rabbit Rehome Rabbit Rehome UK allows rescue centres and individuals to enter details of rabbits in need of new homes. What experience of caring for rabbit do you have? This advert is located in and around Hersham, Walton On Thames, Surrey.

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